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  1. hobojoe

    Third Place is Just Right

    Yes It was a surprise and the reward was just what I needed. I am enjoying them. Thank you all and the People at Fast shipping on their part. Joe
  2. hobojoe

    One More Time

    Well this is what I have been doing. Taking covers off of baseballs adding new tooled leather on to them. I only smoke Corn Cobs now. The others are put up. Early Morning , Balkan S. and switching with Great Out Doors. Joe
  3. hobojoe

    Been a Long Time

    Well when I figure out the how the photos work I will show whats been going on. Recovering baseballs and splitting bowls on Corncobs. Will be back JOe
  4. hobojoe

    Still Kicking

    Thanks guys, I am not making anymore pipes. I am concentrating on leather work. I still have the pipes I made and ones accumulated. I only smoke Corncob pipes. Now what I do is take the old covers off of baseballs recover with new tooled leather. Seems like I found a niche that maybe...
  5. hobojoe

    Still Kicking

    Still breathing on my own. Kicking out personalized baseballs. Sorry not good with pouches. Narrowed my tobacco down to CH,SW,Velvet and Balkan Sal. Joe
  6. hobojoe

    PMon & Squeeky Ball

    Thats looks like a Blue tick. Had two of them when I was a kid, Red Bone and Blue Tick mixed 4 boys, 2 like blues and 2 like Redbones. Had them when they were pups. Next door childhood friend had 2 and I had two. Best hunting hounds a kid could have. Joe
  7. hobojoe

    Pictures of Your Favorite Pets!

    Sorry Photo bucket will not downloadcat
  8. hobojoe

    What Kind of Other Pets Do You Have?

    It seems that ever unaverage pet we had arrived cold. ni fur or feathers. took 20 days for eyes or fur or feathers to appear.. Lucy our squirrel arrived in at 2am with a cat . Thought it was dead because it was cold. went back in the morning to see if was still there, was breathing. she...
  9. hobojoe

    Any Bear Hunters Here?

    Well I like bears. They are being forced out of their natural ground in some parts of Florida. Panther also. Rattlesnakes, well they are history here. So this is what I am getting to. Hugging a Bear and say go in Peace. Joe .
  10. hobojoe

    Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Fans - Need Your Input

    Well This is my say. Coolness well that's how you pack. when it gets hot trade to another one. Best thing about them is that you can go to one tobacco brand to another. If the pipe is cool than there is no cross over flavor. Other pipes from different makers can not do this. I go from...
  11. hobojoe

    Post A Picture Of You

    Well Cold in Florida. Never was cold untill I lost weight. Joe
  12. hobojoe

    This May Not be Right.

    That's some funny stuff. Rm- that's an artistic cat. Un-She will have nothing to with the Tobacco but have to watch the beer. Puffy- laundry room is hide out when scared Yadan--- Carrots may have a funny taste. PunkR--- Wife has different ways at hinting when something needs done. Had a...
  13. hobojoe

    This May Not be Right.

    Wife and I picked up a kitten from the Humane Society. Well that is well and fine except that a litter box showed up next to the computer desk. I can only imagine that one will show up next to my leather working table. Goooooood thing I smoke outside on a bench. Joe
  14. hobojoe

    Deer antler pipe stand

    Yes. Outstanding. If you have any more antlers, get a cheap fish fillet knife cut the blade off at length you like. Cut a tang out of the blade. Drill end of antler to size of the tang and epoxy the blade in. Use a round silver item drill that also and use as a guard. Now you have a fine...
  15. hobojoe

    Your Pipe Is A reflection Of Your Personality?.

    Well, Corncobs reflects my personality. It goes along with my tractor driving hat and the ability to put myself in bad spots. You can change tobaccos right after another, just like my wife says the way i change my mind. Joe
  16. hobojoe

    Alpha Abrasives - Micromesh Alternative

    Al my friend, That's some serious sanding supplies. I guess i need to place an order. The old rip a section of 80 grit and go at it, is out dated. I am stalled on a pipe. Need to order some stems but lether supplies came first. I am saving the links...
  17. hobojoe

    Pipe Stand from EJames (pic heavy)

    Ed, what can one say except "knock me over" That is some true Art. Joe
  18. hobojoe

    Visit with cajundad

    That's what all this is about. I also have good friends that I talk to on the phone from this forum and e-mail regularly. No nonsense, no back slapping, just down to earth consevation and respect. Yeap, Thats it. Joe
  19. hobojoe

    Veterans appreciation

    The flag is in memory of a Fighting Sea-bee and Bronze Star receiver of WWII The coaster reflects their efforts. Joe
  20. hobojoe

    Photos of You

    Just had to. Now that right there is a tractor driving hat. Joe