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  1. jcsoldit

    Rank the Old Joe Krantz blends.

    I've never tried OJK, so I'm looking for some suggestions on which blend to try.
  2. jcsoldit

    PAD Fix

    First I won a very nice E Andrew estate carved in 1982 on eBay... Then while in Minneapolis I finally was able to stop by Lewis Pipe & Tobacco, home of Rich Lewis a very fine pipe carver. I've been admiring his pipes for quite some time and even though I tried to resist I still came home with...
  3. jcsoldit

    Well Do You Like This Dog?

    While doing some online window shopping a few weeks back I discovered this pipe. Now I have my eye on something else so I'd really appreciate it if someone else would buy this one so that I can once and for all move on. Dave Rhodes
  4. jcsoldit

    It Was A Very Good Week

    First a little PAD action... Thank you lonestar! Then a little TAD. Now I'm smokin... :puffy:
  5. jcsoldit

    Forum Members Missing in Action.

    Some of you may have noticed that it has been awhile since Fhb2532 "Frank" has posted. I just learned over the weekend that he is in the hospital and having a rough go of it due to what they believe is complication involving his diabetes. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. While we're...
  6. jcsoldit

    Top 5 Flake Tobaccos

    Over the past year I've become a big fan of tobacco in flake form. Here are the one I enjoy with my current favorites being the first 5 listed. What's your top 5? Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake (coins) Peter Heinrich Special Curly (coins) A & C Petersen Escudo (coins) Esoterica...
  7. jcsoldit

    Old Nellie Pipes

    While at the Pipe Show in Columbus our very own Bigvan introduced me to a gentleman from southeastern Wisconsin by the name of Joe Nelson. Joe is the carver and creator of Old Nellie pipes. Long story short I'm now the proud owner of excellent smoking oil cured Old Nellie. I highly recommend you...
  8. jcsoldit

    Smokin deal on 4 Comoy's

    Link to the pipes. Marty Pulvers has a group of 4 Comoy's, 3 of which are unsmoked on sale for $75 plus shipping. Better hurry because they won't last. 4 Assorted Pipes for $75 #480260JTL
  9. jcsoldit

    Gifting a little Tobacco

    I have some tobacco that I would like to gift someone that would enjoy it. Now there are a few different blends all of which are aromatic in nature. I am developing a pretty good cellar of blends that I enjoy regularly and don’t wish these to set around and go to waste. I’m sorry but due to the...
  10. jcsoldit

    How do you start a pipe collection & tobacco stash on a budget?

    Hey guys... we have a new member (frankryan) and he left the following post under the Welcome new members tread, which gave me the idea for this tread... I hope you enjoy! "My name is Frank. I live in New Jersey. I first smoked a pipe in college in the early eighties. But being inexperienced...
  11. jcsoldit

    What English blends do you like and why?

    I’ve smoked a pipe for many years but took an extended time off for no special reason until about 4 months back. In the past I smoked aromatics exclusively, but now I’ve noticed that after enjoying many cigars and with a somewhat older palate I crave something a little bolder in flavor and have...
  12. jcsoldit

    What Are You Wearing in Public Today While Smoking Your Pipe?

    Okay if you haven’t already guessed it by now… I can be somewhat of a smartass from time to time. My friends like to refer to it as a shoot or be shot at mentality. I’m starting this thread in honor of a past thread where we were all told we should dress better while in public smoking our pipes...
  13. jcsoldit

    American made pipes

    I want to add an American made pipe to my collection and would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance... JC