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  1. Severus

    FS: Two Vintage Pipe Stands - 11/01/2022

    As I am "culling the herd" it turns out that I need fewer pipe stands. Hence, these two are for sale. Both are in very good condition without any damage. Shipping is extra. Let me know which one you are interested in, send me your coordinates and I will source a quote. Pick-up can be arranged in...
  2. Severus

    Show Us Your Molina Pipes

    I figured Molina pipes do not get enough love on this forum. They show up here and there in comments and folks seem to like how these not overly expensive Italian tools perform. However, I did not find a dedicated thread for these fine smokers. So if you own a Molina pipe, or two, show us what...
  3. Severus

    One, Two, Three.... Here Comes Molina Shorty 123

    As many other forum members here I too suffer from a PAD of an undetermined degree. Here you can see an example of one of the most recent outbursts of this common and quite pleasant disorder. When i saw this little Devil Anse on TobaccoPipes, I knew I won’t withstand the temptation... pulled the...
  4. Severus

    Please Meet The French Pipe № 5

    Three weeks of wait and finally my two new pipes are here. The one depicted below is The French Pipe № 5, and the other one is Dr. Grabow Royalton, but that's for another thread. Prior to the purchase, I was trying to dig up any reviews or information that would help me decide on this pipe vs...
  5. Severus

    Single Pipe or Two-Pipe Pouch Recommendation Needed: FireDog Brand or Something Similar

    Hello, fellow pipe smokers, I am searching for good quality, good looking, reasonably priced and convenient pouch or roll suitable for one or maybe two pipes. Can anyone recommend a good solution based on their experience? Pictures of how yours look stuffed with pipe and tobacco would be very...
  6. Severus

    New Pipe Smoker from Vaughan, ON, Canada

    Hello all, After reading a bunch of threads and getting educated about the hobby finally decided to join the community. Discovered pipe smoking for myself about 7-8 months ago. Trying to quit cigarettes, which I have been smoking on and off for the last two decades. Truly excited about the...