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  1. bytor

    Anyone have any experience with a kiseru?

    No problem at all. The search function here isn't all that spectacular. For future reference: When you perform a forum search, near the bottom of the search results page you will find a line that states "You may also try your search at Google". Click that link. Alternately you can start with...
  2. bytor

    Anyone have any experience with a kiseru?

    THIS thread is a little stale...but may contain the info you are after.
  3. bytor

    My Time Has Ended

    Sorry to see you go Maurizio. I have always enjoyed the honesty and openness in your posts, as well as the pictures of the beautiful pipes you carve. Best of luck to you!
  4. bytor

    Great Friends

    Sweeeeet! I've had the same trio on my desk at work for several years. Of course, most my co-workers think I'm a bit off my rocker...
  5. bytor

    Smoking a Pipe: Hobby or Life Choice

    I've been trying to re-establish what pipe smoking is to me... In early October, after 16+ years, I finally quit the cigs (cold turkey)! I decided that I didn't want to trade one form of nicotine for I didn't use any other nicotine delivery method (gum, patch, or pipes). After 6-7...
  6. bytor

    Unsmoked 7 Day Matched Grain Kaywoodie Set

    Agreed! Would love to have it.
  7. bytor

    Plum Pudding

    Thanks Philip. Guess I'll have to try and stop in Tacoma next time I'm on my way down to Portland. Can't justify driving the 60+ miles down to Tacoma just for some tobacco.
  8. bytor

    Small Pipes

    Mostly smaller pipes here as well. I have a few large-ish pipe but I almost never smoke them. Two main reasons: 1) I tend to be a clencher. 2) I don't really want to spend 1.5-2 hours on one smoke. Maurizio is right about it being more difficult to find small pipes. I have passed on many...
  9. bytor

    Plum Pudding

    @Philip: Where around the Puget Sound area have you been able to any of the SPC blends? I've been wanting to try them, but have been unsuccessful in locating them.
  10. bytor

    Do any pipe types/brands smoke cooler than others?

    It is illegal in Washington state to ship tobacco (with the exception of large cigars) to anyone in Washington state who is not a licensed wholesaler or retailer. Shipping of pipes themselves is not illegal. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that USPS is giving them grief...even if they...
  11. bytor

    YelloBole Pipes? Anyone have xperience, ill share mine.

    Not all Yello-Bole pipes are Brylon. I have a briar Yello-Bole nose warmer that smokes nice...never smoked a brylon one though.
  12. bytor

    Bulldog or Rhodesian?

    I can definitely see your point regarding the shape of the bowls...seems to be the determining factor in many pipes. On the other hand, the differences between a canadian, lovat, lumberman and liverpool are defined not just by the shape of the shank, but also the stem (taper vs. saddle). As for...
  13. bytor

    Bulldog or Rhodesian?

    I think most will agree that the bulldog/rhodesian group is defined by the shape of the bowl...typically with at least one ring groove near the flare of the bowl (most commonly with two grooves). The shape of the stem is used as the secondary classifier: IMO round = rhodesian; diamond =...
  14. bytor

    Colorado tax.

    Look on the bright side: it could be a lot worse. 8O Washington state has 95% non-cigarette tax (pipe tobacco/cigars), $3.00/pack on cigarettes, and it is illegal (class C felony :!: ) to have tobacco shipped to you. Most online vendors will not ship to WA. I'm sure that there are many...
  15. bytor

    Help with meerschaum, estates, Dunhill stamps etc

    A bit more info on Dunhill stampings: A Dunhill Pipe Dating Guide (written by RD Field - republished Pipedia)
  16. bytor

    Shell Briar vs. Root Briar

    If you are talking Dunhill pipes: - Shell briar is a line that is sandblasted with a dark stain. - Root briar is a line that is smooth with a light stain. I've never heard of shell briar in any other reference.
  17. bytor

    What is your favorite lighter

    Ditto on the Old Boy. Extremely durable and it isn't a fuel hog. Hobie, I have a Lotus 11. It too is a good lighter. I love that it is so easy to adjust the flame on it, however, it is definitely a fuel hog. Seems I have to refill it twice as often as the Old Boy, but I only use it MAYBE 1/3...
  18. bytor

    Moving to Washington

    I've heard great things about Rich's Cigar store in Portland ( I haven't been there myself...but hope to next time I'm down visiting my sister in Vancouver.
  19. bytor

    Tobacco in Washington State.

    After further appears that the owner of Tacoma Tins may have retired and closed shop.