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  1. riptide

    Pipe Tube.

    Does any one else miss watching hours of Pipe smoking videos on YouTube. As little a 2 years ago the where lots of channels now it's hard to find a video made this year. It saddens me to think what society has done to smoking culture. Maybe pipe smoking will have the same revival that cigar...
  2. riptide

    Hello Again

    Long time member here just saying hello after a long absence. I just started smoking my pipes again my wife prefer it over vaping so I am back to pipes and cigars.
  3. riptide

    Checking in after a long absance

    Just stopping buy to check out the site. I have been absent for a few years and just started smoking a pipe again. I had take up vaping for a few years but i think it has started to affect my lungs so back to pipes and cigars. so Hello and i hope all finds you well.
  4. riptide

    A Long Over Due Hello Again.

    So I have not been on this site for a long time every once in a while i will stop by and see whats going on. I am Glad to see a lot of the Drama has Subsided. I have been enjoying the post and reading them in the background. it is hart warming to see all the new members and the great advice that...
  5. riptide

    What happened.?

    I have been off the forums for a bit and I come back to only see a few names I know. Well tonight I will be smoking a big Bowl of Freedom blend in My Peterson and Reading the forums to see what I missed. Happy Puffing. :puffy:
  6. riptide

    Finally Back To Work.

    It has been a long Summer but I am now back at work. today was the first day back and I spent 3 hours Shucking corn on the cob. And peeling melons for the freshman welcome BBQ. now I am enjoying a bowl of Squadron Leader. this has to the best tobacco ever. :puffy:
  7. riptide

    What a Month.

    I know I don't post very often. But what a month. Between the Fires in Colorado being a mile or so from the house and my being in D.C. and unable to help my girlfriend with it. And massive storms in D.C. ripping apart 100ft trees and knocking out power for a few day At my Moms house In Fort...
  8. riptide

    Fire In Colorado Springs

    The Waldo Canyon is only a few miles from my house and I am on the east coast visiting my Family. This sucks my Girlfriend is there alone to try and pack a few things encase we get the Evac notice. So I you guys have any anti fire Mojo Please send it Colorado's way this summer is bad. there have...
  9. riptide

    Made it with out my pipes.

    So I made it to D.C. this afternoon. But While I had my 2 hour lay over in Atlanta I saw a smoking room. I went in to smoke my pipe and some Squadron leader that when i discovered I left my pipes on my desk this morning. I called my girl to make sure she had a great laugh at my expense. O well...
  10. riptide

    Unable To Smoke

    Well with allergy season upon us I find my self unable to smoke my pipes. Evey time I try I clog up and go into a sneezing fit as the smoke tickles. I hope to start smoking again in a few weeks when the tree pollen dies down. :(
  11. riptide

    Xikar lighter

    So I broke down and bought a High end lighter today I love it this isThe one I bought . It is a great lighter and no more burnt fingers.
  12. riptide

    Might have to Quit

    My job that is Not the pipe. I love my job I love to cook. But the Company I work for is 160,000 in the hole at the account That i work at and they are Blaming the employes. I will miss the students and friends I have made over the last 3 years working there but the Drama isn't worth it. I guess...
  13. riptide


    So I was out and about to day looking for some Mini's for a game I play and had no luck so I stopped at Stag and looked around for a bit. I missed the pipe club last night and the sale on MacBaren tins :( But I spotted I pouch of Troost Aromatic Cavendish the last one they had on the shelf so i...
  14. riptide

    Vintage Tobacco Ad's

    Found some Old Pipe Tobacco ads thought i would Share.
  15. riptide

    Roasted Pheasant

    So this is what I am working on for a pot luck tomorrow. While Cooking I recommend a Bowl of a nice Strait Virgina or a Full English. But Smoke what you like. goes well with Scotch On the rocks. Roasted Pheasant Ingredients: pheasant, quartered 2 carrots, sliced 5 baby red...
  16. riptide

    tongue bite ?

    Is tongue bite the stabbing sensation on the middle to edge of the tongue? if so I may have so tobacco for trade soon.
  17. riptide

    I'm Purple

    It looks as if I went up a rank today that was a shock Since I hide in the back ground unless I think i have some thing to say.
  18. riptide

    P&C TAD

    I just ordered some bulk from P&C this is the first time ordering bulk from them they don't really say what the smallest size is I hope it is at least 2oz or I might have been better off going to my B&M but I really wanted to try some stuff it dose not carry. I cant wait. :puffy: Caramel Apple...
  19. riptide

    New Bent Bob.

    I just received the Bent Bob pipe I purchased From Mattha. I have been looking for one for awhile now now it is mine :twisted: I am restoring it now and I will post more pics when it is done.
  20. riptide

    Stag Pipe Club.

    For all those in Colorado springs and those making the drive Stags pipe club meeting is at 7pm tonight I plan on going it will be my first one.