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  1. tennsmoker

    Broken Pipe: Bruce Weaver

    Condolences to his family. Sad to lose our legends one after the other. My prayers with his soul and family.
  2. tennsmoker

    Cornell & Diehl Small Batch Sun Bear Pipe Tobacco

    Ordered 5 tins and will open one and cellar the rest. I've missed most of C&D's small batches. Didn't this time.
  3. tennsmoker

    Court Ruling Advances FDA Premarket Review Deadline for Deemed Tobacco Products

    If you read the Lexology report all the way through, there is an interesting graf at the bottom of the piece: And I quote: "Although it is possible that there could be future changes to the deadline based on litigation or other developments, it is prudent to assume that nothing will change and...
  4. tennsmoker

    Ever Buy Get A Bic That Acts Like A Flamethrower?

    My grandson showed me a trick the other day. He wanted to show me how to make the Bic flare up, but said I should get a cheaper version as they do have the + and -. While flaring my bic to roasting stage, he just eased off, and the flame grew softer. Now, I'm not sure my geezer fingers are...
  5. tennsmoker

    Bad Experience With Smoking Pipes

    Wow, I'm glad that's over. Rave on SPC!
  6. tennsmoker

    Meer Polishing / Sanding Question

    I agree with Warren and condorlover. I have several meers and love 'em. I tried the Bass method of waxing a couple and got unsatisfactory results. Now, I just stuff and puff and finding that my meers color from the bottom up. I shudder to think of sanding of any sort on my meers. I also clean...
  7. tennsmoker

    Difference Between Vodka/Rubbing Alcohol/Everclear?

    Everclear user here, but I've got a bunch of my own herd that need to be cleaned. I'm going with jpmcwjr and use alcohol then hot water on 'em.
  8. tennsmoker

    Some Jose Rubio Pipe Porn

    My goodness, those are some really gorgeous pipes. I, too, love the engraved silver bands. I better not keep looking at these because my PAD is kicking up something awful right now.
  9. tennsmoker

    Very Sad News

    I'm sorry I'm getting to this news late. I will miss Banjo, the man, and his pipes.
  10. tennsmoker

    My Ugly PAD

    I love the rough and tumble look of the Estella. Before purchasing a couple a few years back, I quizzed the Ol' Cajun about them. He said you can't go wrong and they will be great smokers. The Ol' Cajun was right, as usual.
  11. tennsmoker


    All I can add is that I have two and they smoke like a charm!
  12. tennsmoker

    Favorite English Pipes

    No special order: Ashton, Dunhill, Ferndown, Northern Briars, Charatan, Sasieni, Upshall, Pre-Trans Barling, Petes, Hardcastle. But, I must say, I am an English pipe brand nut. I love the style and the culture.
  13. tennsmoker

    hello from Atlanta Georgia

    I have a bunch of Petes. Love 'em all. Welcome from Tennessee, formerly of Atlanta.
  14. tennsmoker

    New Neerup on the way

    Got one on the way as well. A squat pot. Love those pots! And, I'm like alexnc. Always admired the classy and classic look of the Neerup. Don't know why I never got one. But all that is changing now. Nice looking bent pot, fusion!
  15. tennsmoker

    Keeping open tins fresh

    On round tins with the plastic tops, I cut a square piece of wax paper and place it over the opened tin. Then I securly push down hard on the plastic top to seal the tin. It works, but ymmv. Round top tins, I do like ryeguy and twist the top back on hard and at times I have to unseal the tin...
  16. tennsmoker

    Pipe Porn for Harris

    Not only outstanding photos, but that is one great pipe collection!
  17. tennsmoker

    When Does the Redesign come Online?

    Where is Peck when we his style and inimitable grace the most? Harris, did you run Peck off?
  18. tennsmoker

    Are You Guys Taking This Seriously Enough?

    Relights? Really? I just reload!
  19. tennsmoker

    Ok, I’ve Just Gone Codger!!

    Granger and SWR are prerequisites to Codgerism. Carter Hall gets you an intro. For the real Codger Club, you need to be packing Bugler! Am I right?
  20. tennsmoker

    Peterson 2019 POTY Arrived!

    Beautiful pipe, Anthony. I agree with you. If can get the folks at Peterson to bring this out in Rosslare Royal Irish, it will run right off the charts. Still the john bull is a beaut.