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    F/S: Latakia Lot (some unobtainium) 5/21/19

    Available is the following small lot. Dates listed is my purchase date. Shipping to lower 48 only. Payment by paypal F/F or you pay 3% fee. Cost for the lot is $150.00, includes priority mail postage. Esoterica Penzance 8oz (9/15) Frog Morton Cellar 100gr (11/13) Frog Morton On The Town 100gr...
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    Kramer's Pipe Tobacco-new product or old?

    I just saw that SPC is putting out the house blends of Kramer's in Beverly Hills. Since these blends have been sold at the Kramer shop since Sable was a pup, can these blends now marketed in tins be considered exempt from the FDAs incursions? If so might this be a harbinger of things to come...
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    Silver spigot pipes - pros & cons

    Anyone with an opinion on silver spigot pipes please share it. I have never owned one but have seen some over the years that I was interested in. I am particularly interested if the connection loosens over the years so that the stem does not seat firmly. Is there an advantage to them other than...
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    Al Pascia house pipes

    Anyone tried one of these? I'd be interested in hearing your opinion(s). They seem like an outstanding firm and I doubt that the Al Pascia name would go on a poor product.
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    Plastic tubs of OTC blends, etc.

    How long will they keep tobacco if unopened? I have thought about buying a couple of these for the cellar, but I may not get around to them for awhile. I don't want to have to put the contents in jars right away.
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    Castello to France?

    In another thread mcl mentioned that Castello production has moved to France. Can anyone shed light on this development?
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    R. McConnell Special London fine cut

    When this tobacco is described as a fine cut they aren't joking. I popped a tin a few weeks ago and when I lit it my mouth felt like a raging inferno. I exaggerate. Slightly. Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I have smoked 3-4 bowls of this and have been rather careful with it. Though...
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    Just watched the old Huck Finn movie

    starring Mickey Rooney as Huck and Rex Ingram as Jim. Those two do some serious pipesmoking in this movie. The instruments employed are cobs, of course. They look a lot like Old Dominion pipes. They smoke anywhere at anytime and if Huck gets a pipe confiscated he has a spare stuck in a pocket...
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    Pipe with a metal stinger

    I am interested in a Euro pipe but it has a stinger. I know the standard action when faced with one of these is to remove it. My question - how do pipes typically smoke when the stinger is removed? Is it just inserted in a normal tenon and the surgical procedure leaves one with a normal pipe? Or...
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    Morta Pipes?- Opinions or Experience

    I have been thinking about giving a morta pipe a try. If any of you have one or had any experience with one I would appreciate getting your opinion on them. Pro and cons, of course.