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    Comparison Of New Vs Old Ennerdale Batch

    As I finished my old 2016 Ennerdale tin I opened yesterday the 500g Ennerdale box (production of February 2021) I purchased last September and kept in mylar since then. After reading the recent reviews claiming the new production was different with much less sauce I was worried that could be a...
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    Crazy Hygrometer or Boveda pack?

    I purchased a analog hygrometer. I was initially pleasantly surprised as with the salt test it read 24h later exactly 75% as expected. Then I tested it with a 65% rated Boveda pack and 24h later it read ... 80% which of course does not make any sense. So why it happened and who is the crazy...
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    When Next GH Shipment to the USA?

    The last shipment from GH factory to the USA was just at the beginning of the year so I think we should be closed to the next shipment. Anyone has any news?
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    Revor Plug Discountinued

    The title said it all and as the source is from the the Synjeco website I think it is trustable. It was for me the best of the Virginia/Kentucky genre, in some way a cousin of the SG Cob plug/1792 flake but more balanced and sweeter. Luckily I cellared some last year so I am covered. Every...
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    GH Scotch Flake

    I am discovering GH Scotch flake one of the best flakes of GH. The reason I like is, in addition to the great Virginias, the wonderful chocolate casing (I love chocolate) which really tastes as natural chocolate. In this regard I consider Scotch flake much more chocolatish than Bob's...
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    Loose Silver Ring of Spigot Stem Meer

    I got this beautiful Meer with a wind cap which is useful if there is a breeze. I noticed the spigot stem was a little bit loose and actually when I first cleaned it up it came away the stem along with the silver ring as you can see from the pic. I contacted the seller and he told me just to...
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    SG XX Twist Vs GH Black Irish Twist

    I tried the Samuel Gawith XX Twist which I found intriguing and unique with nothing else not even close to compare. I saw an interesting video of many years ago which shows how it is made starting from the brown rope (the ropes are actually the same) which is coated with olive oil, wrapped in...
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    Is Peretti Site Now Secure for CC?

    I am thinking making an order at Peretti site but I saw posts in the past the site is not secure for cc and there were issues of stolen cc info. Has the problem been resolved now, any recent issues anyone experienced?
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    GH Scotch Flake Vs Rum Flake

    I tried GH Scotch flake and I love it. I would say that, despite its name, the main flavor note is of chocolate, probably even stronger than Bob's Chocolate Flake which is another I love. I am wondering how much similar or different the Scotch flake is from the Rum Flake and if they are...
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    Anybody Knows Pipesdepot on Ebay?

    I saw some interesting meers on ebay by pipesdepot. He has an high ranking but never purchased by him. Anybody bought from him?
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    White vs Yellow Waxed Meerschaum

    I have a couple of meers (Baki and Tekin) which are finished with white beewax coating. I eyed one I like which is finished with yellow beewax. Is there any reason for that, just for cosmetic appearance or because they color differently? And the one waxed with the yellow beewax should be...
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    Ennerdale Versus Kendall Flake

    I like a lot Ennerdale flake but I never tried Kendall flake. Looking at their composition it looks they have some similarities. So the question is if Kendall flake is different enough to justify to get it and in which way do you feel it is different from Ennerdale.
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    GH "Kendal Black Cherry" and "Top Black Cherry" are the Same?

    The title said it all. I am trying to figure it out if GH "Kendal Black Cherry" and "Top Black Cherry" are the same blend (maybe for different markets) or two different blends. Any idea?
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    50% GH Rum Twist + 50% SG Kendal Plug: A Winner

    Without great expectations today I tried to mix 50% GH Rum Twist + 50% SG Kendal Plug and WOW! It is incredibly good, the rum twist keeps all its character but gains a lot in complexity, it's like all flavor palette opened up, I can even taste much better the rum undertone. Much smoother...
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    GH Top Black Cherry Vs SG Black Cherry

    I noticed both GH Top Black Cherry Vs SG Black Cherry are Cavendish based. Are the same or are any differences between them and in what they differ, if anything?
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    Long Term Cigar Storage in Mylar Bag

    First of all I 98% smoke pipe and only occasionally cigars which I buy just in small number for immediate use. I am thinking now to buy 1 or 2 boxes of nice cigars with the plan of aging some of them for 2 or 3 years. I am very well aware the way to go should be with an humidor but I don't...
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    Are Cuban Cigars Sold From Switzerland Different?

    I heard that Cuban Cigars sold from Switzerland (and Spain) retailers are of higher quality. I don't know if this is true or just an hurban legend. Maybe cigars sent to these two countries are going to have a more strict quality control? Anybody has an idea if this is true or not?
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    Ennerdale Plug

    As I like Ennerdale flake I noticed there is also the plug version. I am wondering how much different is the plug from the flake version and if it is worthwhile to try the plug also. There are only 2 reviews of the plug on tobacco review (one from the legend JimInks) , not enough to clear my...
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    In Praise of AlPascia'

    I have to write this note about the amazing service I received from AlPascia' on my first order from them. I knew as many of you they have a great variety of very nice pipes but the buying experience was even better. I selected a Mimmo Provenzano Calabash, the online ordering was super easy...
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    Mimmo Provenzano Calabash

    I am very intrigued by Mimmo Provenzano Calabash pipes. What is interesting is that he makes cups with different materials including unique materials such as resin mixed with Tagua nuts and polymerized Chili Pepper and Marigold which look very nice. The question I have is how these...