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    A Peterson Sport Billiard

    A recent arrival - Peterson Sport Billiard Over the years Peterson has had a series of (shorter) nosewarmers Called variously "Sport, Outdoor, and their current iteration, the "Short" series Full-sized bowls with shortened stems/shanks. Here it is pictured with my smallest Lovat, an Orlik...
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    A Saturday Lumch with 4 mates

    Lunch today with mates 2008 Tattinger Comtes de Champagne with parmigiano reggiano Azahar (manzanilla) with an anchovy tasting Pickled fennel
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    (Yet Another) Birthday Lunch

    Taken to a Daiginjo Sake tasting and Omakase lunch by older son and daughter-in-law Wonderful lunch with superlative sashimi and sushi
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    A Belated Birthday Dinner for 16

    Birthday was earlier this week. Dinner last night with 15 friends. Sorry for the missing food photos. Wines were all good. Disappointed by the cognac - a bit rough and rustic.
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    An Early Birthday Lunch for 3

    A good friend and retired 3-hat chef ("Best Sydney Restaurant", "Best French Chef") very kindly spent 2-3 days prepping and cooking up this feast for 3 yesterday. I feel very privileged to have friends like these. First up some Gildas with fabulous anchovies with a Palo Cortado
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    An Early Birthday Lunch

    A good friend and retired 3-hat chef ("Best Sydney Restaurant", "Best French Chef") very kindly spent 2-3 days prepping and cooking up this feast for 3 yesterday. I feel very privileged to have friends like these. First up some Hilda's with fabulous anchovies with a Palo Cortado
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    An Estate Julius Vesz

    My very first pipe by a Canadian carver - Julius Vesz The full bent egg with diamond shank is so reminiscent of some vintage bent billiards Here it is pictured with a 1884 bent billiard, sterling silver spigot and rim cap, orific bit.
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    A Franken-Clay Pipe

    This arrived today. Someone has gone to the trouble to assemble this Franken-Clay 🤔 Clay bowl ?? Silver (NO hallmarks, so we’ll call it white metal) spigot mount Bamboo shank Amber-coloured acrylic stem with a bone-tenon Somewhat bizarre I bought it out of curiosity. And yes, it will be...
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    Lovat : Love it

    A new arrival - a Stanwell shape 38 Lovat. An earlier shape designed by Sixten Ivarsson. It is an unsmoked NOS complete with original box and papers. Patent numbered The bowl is a large size 5 but at 13cm long it is a shorter shanked Lovat which I prefer.
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    A 1906 Cased Barling Bent Billiard with Army Mount

    New to me, but has been posted by previous owner @paulfg A 1906 cased bent billiard with army mount. Orific bit
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    A 1905 Barling Motor Dome

    Jesse's (@sablebrush52) OP in the "Show Us Your Barlings" thread was a jaw-drop moment for me. And kick-started a love of old Britwoods. I have finally landed one of my white whales - a 1905 bent billiard Motor Dome. The shank is stamped L & Co in an oval for Tiffany and Co. The stummel and...
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    Recent Barling Arrival

    Just arrived this week A 1914 cased 2 pipe set of Barling straight billiards. An amber-stemmed army mount with orific bit And a push-pull tenon vulcanite-stemmed with slotted button.
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    2 New Lovats

    While straight billiards is the 2nd most numerous shape amongst my pipes (after straight Bulldogs), these are the first Lovats for me. I had, and still have, little love for Canadians, Liverpools and lumbermen But my interest in Lovats was picqued by a not too recent thread on Blakemar Sir...
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    2002 Tete de Cuvée Champagnes and Japanese Dinner

    We are blessed with some excellent Japanese restaurants in Sydney, Oz. Last night a group (9) of us had a memorable meal at my favourite Japanese restaurant, Azuma. The occasion was to taste a lineup of Tete de Cuvée champagnes from 2002. I've taken today off work to recover ?
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    Show Off Your Tsuge / Japanese Pipes

    There has not been a previous thread on Tsuge or Japanese pipes These are mine: A Fukuda San Ikebana squat brandy (middle) An Asami Kikuchi Ikebana canted egg, (bottom) And another Asami Kikuchi 2018 limited edition (27/50) canted egg for Erik Stokkebye (top)
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    A 2018 Asami Kikuchi Egg for Erik Stokkebye

    Just received this unsmoked 2018 Asami Kikuchi sandblasted canted egg with boxwood shank extension. Military mount stem. Love the black ring ferrule detail. (??)Reinforcement for the boxwood extension. No 27 of 50 pieces for Erik Stokkebye Thank you Zach (@bayareabriar)!for letting this one...
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    Barling Touchdown

    A 1919 Barling Motor Dome I've lusted after one of these after seeing Jesse's examples Been waiting for the right one to come along. Geoff Watson (@osiris01) did a stirling (pun intended) job giving this a spit&polish
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    EBay Shenanigans

    I won a pipe on EBay a couple of days ago. A "Please Pay Now" notice arrived almost immediately Within 30 seconds another notice came along saying there was "a problem arose with the sale" and "Sorry you missed out on this item". Since then I have received a couple more notices to pay for...
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    An Asami Kikuchi Tsuge Ikebanao

    Just arrived from Japan today An unsmoked Tsuge Ikebana Asami Kikuchi bent Egg. Pipe 029 from 2020. Pics are taken by the vendor. The pipe is as beautiful as its maker is winsome
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    New Arrival - 1925 Cecil Bulldog

    A new arrival this week - A cased Cecil straight Bulldog with tapered vulcanite stem by Henry Comoy