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  1. clynch

    Not to derail the Christmas thread shenanigans....

    I don't really care for EMP. I'll try it with espresso. Thanks for the tip
  2. clynch

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa Thread 2022!

    i must be doing something wrong. I didn't see any message. I clicked the envelope in the top right corner. Nothing in there except old messages.
  3. clynch

    Cleaning and resting

    I sometimes smoke some of a bowl and finish it the following day. Frequently the following day is better.
  4. clynch

    Nomura In Tokyo

    Thanks for the pics. Very nice indeed.
  5. clynch

    What is the Sweetest Tasting Tobacco?

    I too find Virginias to be plenty sweet. Capstan Blue my favorite.
  6. clynch

    Dad’s Xmas Present

    I was looking at knifecenter and see they offer several canes for self defense. Very cool. Some didn't have a sword but the cane was made out of a heavy duty material perfect for a severe beating!
  7. clynch

    Boswells is the best!

    I enjoy a family run business and wish them well. have a couple Boswell pipes and tobacco. Good stuff. Affordable hand made. qualty.
  8. clynch

    What Are You Smoking, October 2022?

    Nice Pipe, LOVE the knife
  9. clynch

    A fun experiment with tobacco

    You guys are making me want to play and build up my own mystery blend.
  10. clynch

    Tobacconists in New York City

    Very true. Awesome restaurants have also declined with chain stores on the rise.
  11. clynch

    More New Forums Members Than Ever? Why Is That?

    Lets hope this forum isn't the Alamo.
  12. clynch

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa Thread 2022!

    Forum members have been very nice in responding to me and one even sent me an aged unopen tin so I could try it out. I'm going to pay it forward a bit. Ho Ho Ho.
  13. clynch

    Very new

    Sounds like a great starting point to me. Captain Black is the number 1 seller for a reason.
  14. clynch

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa Thread 2022!

    Question. I intend to find a couple odd things from our sponsors for a decent secret gift. Try to address what somebody likes. Would it be ok to toss in a tin or two of something I've tried but didn't care for? Thats in addition to whatever I purchase for the gift.
  15. clynch

    Dishonorable Mentions

    Tire is a tasting note for coffee. No doubt somebody likes tire fire. Love the differences in taste.
  16. clynch

    Very new

    Welcome from Florida. What kinda pipe? What kinda tobacco?
  17. clynch

    Peterson with a Hole!

    I seriously consider it character. Call it the Holy pipe and smoke it with reverance.
  18. clynch

    New from the WI Northwoods

    Take your time and enjoy. I'm a noob but I believe everything matter and effects the smoke: Pipe Age of tobacco Type of tobacco How you smoke moisture How you pack Type/blend ... Consider it all a learned experience. Go slow and find whats best for you. I'm still testing/tasting/enjoying. If...