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  1. bootlegbonvivant

    Smoking in Remembrance

    The timing of pairing a pipe and tobacco to honor your father will come when you're ready. For me, took a couple of months after my wife passed. I hadn't smoked much of anything in about 3 years for the pure enjoyment and reflection. My condolences and prayers to you and your family and a raised...
  2. bootlegbonvivant

    The 14 Types of People You See on Internet Forums

    Nope, it's pretty much the same, just different people asking asking the same questions that have been asked a multitude of times over the years.
  3. bootlegbonvivant

    Sick Next Day After Smoking

    That's way too easy of an answer. OGS definitely contributes, but no, there's something about some blends that just mess me up.
  4. bootlegbonvivant

    Sick Next Day After Smoking

    Agreeing with wasnsfisher and deathmetal a bit. Some tobaccos would cause a migraine with myself or my late wife. There's a couple of blends that no matter how slow I smoke, or how hydrated I am, I get sick from it. Usually during smoking. I always chopped it up to a certain type of tobacco, or...
  5. bootlegbonvivant

    Are Forums Dying, And Why?

    I've been on several forums over the years, most I can't even remember what sites they were. But one thing is consistent for me. If the content is always evolving, growing, changing, then I'm more likely to stay on said forum longer. If the forum is too limiting in content, then it's just...
  6. bootlegbonvivant

    Question About Your Local Tobacco Shop

    They want to expand into liquor as well, but wanted to test the waters to see if beer and wine works. Liquor licenses are quite expensive in the county.
  7. bootlegbonvivant

    Merchant Service Bing

    Basil Meadows does a fantastic creation of a Bing. I just spent some time with him this past weekend, great man and talented carver.
  8. bootlegbonvivant

    Antique Store Find

    Fun finds and they all look to be in decent shape for resto. Enjoy!
  9. bootlegbonvivant

    Question About Your Local Tobacco Shop

    Bear with me, this could be a little long...I'm not on this forum as much anymore for various and personal reasons, however, I do drop by from time to time. I am the president of Lanier Smoker's Club in the NE Georgia area and operate the club through Facebook. It's a club that my wife and I...
  10. bootlegbonvivant

    People I'm Missing

    I've been on and off this site for a long time now. Lots of lost people. I think some I still have in my facebook, but don't talk with them much.
  11. bootlegbonvivant

    The Joy of Pipe Smoking

    "He just found out that they're discontinuing his favorite tobacco."
  12. bootlegbonvivant

    What Are You Driving?

    Currently, 2016 Honda Pilot Used to drive a 2004 Dodge Durango with the hemi and a 2001 Honda Accord V6. Accord got totaled, the Dodge, I gave to my mom.
  13. bootlegbonvivant

    The Pipe Condom

    If nothing else, the aliens won't take your pipe. :nana: Interesting concept, though.
  14. bootlegbonvivant

    Haddo's Delight Oh Yeah

    First time I smoked it, was while waiting in line to pick up the kids from school. When I dropped out of the van, I almost dropped to the ground :rofl: *edited to add* and that sit was like 40 minutes, so I put it in a large pipe.
  15. bootlegbonvivant

    Haddo's Delight Oh Yeah

    Great blend :puffy: I just can't smoke much of it and have to be careful. It likes to mess me up, lol.
  16. bootlegbonvivant

    How many...

    I have 57 total in my cabinet/bag. 8-1/2 are meers, 3 are cobs. This doesn't count a toolbox I have full of pipes needing restoration.
  17. bootlegbonvivant

    Advice on Meerschaum?

    It's been said that by wearing gloves, you keep the oils from your hand from creating patchy spots in the browning of the pipe. I haven't seen any evidence of this. My meers, I just smoke them like any other pipe, for the most part. Been awhile since I'd pulled one down, so might have to.
  18. bootlegbonvivant

    A Back Woods Pipe

    That could definitely work and give a little insulation in the process
  19. bootlegbonvivant

    Piersel Commission: Reverse Calabash Tulip

    I love how you showed a bit of the process. Turned out beautiful!