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  1. otm

    FS: Esoterica (10/4/21)

    A few Esoterica blends up for grabs. Prices include shipping. 1 x And So to Bed $230 1 x Cardiff $230 2 x Dorchester $230 each 4 x Dorchester tins $60 each 1 x Dunbar $60 All are from 2021 as far as I know.
  2. otm

    Cigar Chewing

    Am I the only one that chews cigars? I know it seems like a waste of a good cigar, but I do it as does my father. I don’t chew pouch tobacco and have dipped regularly at one, brief interval. I chew them and clip them down and keep chewing. I go through “a chewer” every couple of days...
  3. otm

    Balkan Sobranie

    I recently acquired a can of this stuff. I intended to flip it, but the top was “popped.” Inspired by Pease’s recent post, I rehydrated the contents and would like to “share the wealth.” If you have been dying to try some and understandably, have been unable to find some…I will send a couple of...
  4. otm


    Does anyone know where to buy new/un-used plain plastic wrapped pouches? Like a SWR/amphora pouch but blank and with no tobacco? These pouches are very convenient for travel compared to mason jars.
  5. otm

    Flying Dutchman

    My father smoked Flying Dutchman for years. Does anyone know if it’s still in production anywhere? I am aware of the Sutliff Match.
  6. otm

    Hello from Texas

    Greetings from Texas! I’ve been lurking and stocking up for a year or so, but haven’t posted much. I have been a cigar smoker for the last 20 years and got interested in pipes about three years ago. I smoke more VaBur and VaBur blends more than anything else, but love the Latakia as well. This...
  7. otm


    Smokingpipes has another batch of Hogshead for those who missed out and are having FOMO.