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  1. beastinview

    Have I been unfair to aros?

    -Chocolate Flake is not much of an aro, more of a latakia flake. -Brown Flake scented is a more of a Lakeland blend--a different world than that of your traditional aromatics. Tread with caution--most people are turned off by Lakelands, but I think everyone should try one just in case you have a...
  2. beastinview

    SG Brown No. 4 VS GH Brown Bogie

    I think you'd definitely like it, Kanse, but it'd be hard to say how it compares. They have their differences, but if we take into account the wide world of tobacco, I'd say they are quite similar. They are both two of my favorites.
  3. beastinview

    Smoking Tobacco (More) Dry?

    I'm quite interested to see all these responses! I will keep my jarred tobacco nice and moist, but when it comes time to smoke, I won't fear drying as much as I used to in the old days!
  4. beastinview

    100 Year Old Gold Block Tin - 4oz Seal Intact (Pic Heavy)

    Truly awesome. Thanks for posting, especially the pictures.
  5. beastinview

    Smoking Tobacco (More) Dry?

    So, I unfortunately had a bit of Sam Gawith Brown No. 4 Kendal Twist in a bag, and forgot to jar it. Fortunately, it was a small amount, and I opened the bag to find it was quite dry--crunchy, but not crumbly. I was going to rehydrate it and thought--what the heck, why don't I give it a smoke...
  6. beastinview

    What Are Your Favorite Nicotine Bombs?

    *Immediately purchases Bracken Flake.*
  7. beastinview

    Samuel Gawith Blends and Quality

    Samuel Gawith is one of my favorite blenders. They excel for me in the nic-bomb department. I particularly love Brown No. 4 Kendal Twist and 1792 Flake.
  8. beastinview

    What Are Your Favorite Nicotine Bombs?

    I've been out for a while, so I missed this. GH Dark Birdseye The GH and SG Brown Ropes are all delicious 1792 Flake GH Dark Flake HH Bold Kentucky (A new favorite) CD Burley Flake #1 Different varieties of Mapacho Royal Yacht I know I'm forgetting some, but those are at the top of my...
  9. beastinview

    Sam Gawith's 1792 Flake Query.

    Poor Sam Gawith. They went to make an unflavored tobacco and then put "Lakeland" in the title. If only they know how anathema that word is to many pipe smokers in the internet pipe community.
  10. beastinview

    Info on this pipe - Some sort of Savinelli second?

    I know, right? I bizarre move in my humble opinion. And yes, the rusticated version of Savinelli 625 KS looks pretty much identical.
  11. beastinview

    Info on this pipe - Some sort of Savinelli second?

    Just to add--I'm normally not lazy about research, so I have searched a bit regarding the "three star" marking, but the problem is that so many pipe sites have rating systems attached to their reviews where you can rate pipes 1-5 stars. So whenever I google, "Savinelli three star", or some...
  12. beastinview

    Info on this pipe - Some sort of Savinelli second?

    My friend had one of his clients give him a bag of about 10 pipes, saying he'd quit pipe smoking for cigarettes. He passed them around during my weekend smoke / hang out on the back patio, offering everyone to take one. I grabbed this one, and I was just curious about it. I thought it was some...
  13. beastinview

    Tell Our New President About Those FDA Deeming Rules

    For all those who are sad because Trump himself isn't a smoker, you may remember on the bright side that he sued over the smoking ban in Atlantic City that prevented people from smoking in his casinos: As has been...
  14. beastinview

    Article: FL Senators Rubio (R) and Nelson (D) propose FDA ruling bill for cigars

    Hopefully since this bill receives bipartisan support this would not be politically controversial. I just saw this article today. Anyone know if this applies to pipe tobacco, or just cigars?
  15. beastinview

    What does Mapacho taste like?

    It's a very strong leaf that has a natural, vegetative, floral taste to it. It sort of reminds me of a strong brown twist, but that's not quite it. It's difficult to describe because there aren't a lot of other tobacco leaves to which one can easily compare it.
  16. beastinview

    My First Plug Experience Courtesy Of Member Oldreddog.

    Lovely, lovely photos! And those plugs look right up my alley.
  17. beastinview

    Comoy's 409 Tradition Bulldog Restored

    Great work! That's quite a graceful looking bulldog.
  18. beastinview

    Draw too tight, even after opening... solution?

    As a follow up: the draw felt about the same, and I didn't end up trying the above methods, so I tossed it in a box. Then, months later, my dad gave it a smoke out of curiosity and he said it smoked fine now. I tried it and it does indeed smoke well. So, I guess I had opened the draw up...
  19. beastinview

    1792 Flake

    If you are still relatively new to smoking, or new to this genre of blends, then you might want to give it some time. I've found that a lot of times my first try in a genre will not go over well with me. I didn't particularly like Irish Flake (first non-aro) and I disliked the latakia in my...
  20. beastinview

    McConnell Ripe Honeydew

    What a coincidence having two reviews of clove scented tobacco in the same day! (I see the review of Bosun Cut Plug has similar descriptions.) Both of these pique my interest, as I'm a fan of cloves, though I know many others aren't.