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  1. petes03

    FS: McClelland, Dunhill, McConnell and More. 9/16/22

    Each tin will be individually wrapped. Please add $7.00 Shipping for each lot. CONUS only. PayPal FF only. Thanks for looking! Lot 1) 1x100g 2013 McClelland Frog Morton $130 Lot 2) 3x50g 2014 Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls $130 Lot 3) 2x50g 2020 Cornell & Diehl Small Batch Carolina Red Flake...
  2. petes03

    FS: 10 Lots. Brigham, Wessex, Gawith And More. (8/7/22)

    PayPal FF only. Please include $6.50 shipping for each lot. CONUS only. All tins will be individually wrapped. I will send you a USPS tracking number as soon as I ship them. Thanks for looking! Lot 1. 2014 Brigham Klondike Gold 2x 50g. $80 Lot 2. 2014 Sam Gawith Balkan Flake 3x 50g...
  3. petes03

    Early Anniversary Gift!

    My Wife surprised me this morning with this! A new Castello Old Sea Rock! Our anniversary isn’t for another month….. She’s a beauty, and so is my wife!
  4. petes03

    Show Me Those Paneled Pipes!

    Let’s see those paneled beauties! I’ll start. Gepetto (Ser Jacopo)
  5. petes03

    Do You Keep The Box?

    I don’t know why, but I keep all of the boxes that my pipes came in. It’s really kind of idiotic I know, and yet I still do it…. I had to throw a bunch away that were in a box that got crushed in my garage, but I still have a ton of them. Do you keep yours? And if so, do you feel a bit goofy for...
  6. petes03

    Shipping Troubles From Other Countries?

    Has anyone had any problems with ordering from other countries? I know things have been crazy recently, but it was my understanding that things were getting better. I’ve ordered many things, from several countries in the past and have had very few issues. I currently have a new Ardor coming from...
  7. petes03

    Bringing An Ascorti Back From The Dead

    My buddy gifted me a pitiful Ascorti that he bought on eBay. He collects Caminettos, and brands related to Caminetto. He had no idea how bad of shape this pipe was in when he bought it….. He usually has me do any cleaning or restoring that needs to be done to his pipes, which I do for free. He...
  8. petes03

    Gawith Hoggarth Stock Frequency?

    It’s been a couple years since I bought any tobacco. The last time I did, some of my favorite GH blends were getting hard to find. At that time they were having some sort of of customs issues or something like that. I’ve been looking to restock some of my favorites but it seems like the...
  9. petes03

    A Surprise Gift From My Parents.

    A got a nice surprise the other day, when we went to visit my parents. They had been antiquing in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area, and ran across these. Knowing I love green glass, and pipes of course, they bought them. I’ve never had a Tyrolean pipe, or a stand with a tobacco jar for that...
  10. petes03

    Show Me Your Favorite Tobacco Knife!

    Mine is a Fox Bastinelli Mini Drago Friction Folder. It’s the perfect size for ropes, and does a good job with plugs as well. It has a nice tall, flat ground blade that’s easy to get razor sharp. My backup is an Opinel 6 Carbon, which is also a fine blade. So what’s yours?
  11. petes03

    Shag Cut, Why Don’t We See It More Often?

    I’ve smoked McClelland 221b Black Shag off and on over the years, and have always loved it’s burn characteristics. Recently, I’ve tried a few D&R shags and G&H Kendal Gold Vanilla Shag. The D&Rs come very dry, burn evenly and effortlessly. The Kendal Gold has got to be the most delicate tobacco...
  12. petes03

    Two New (To Me) Ardors. Pic Heavy

    I’ve always wanted an Ardor Damiano K. Moore Urano Fantasy, and finally got one! The next one I just couldn’t pass up for the money. It’s an Ardor Dorelio Old Briar. I can’t find much information on the Old Briar series, other than it was a limited series and the briar was around 100 years old...
  13. petes03

    New Recruit, And How To Start Them Out.

    Over the years, I’ve had the chance to introduce half a dozen or so to our world of briar and tobacco. Recently, I’ve had three new recruits. A former cigar guy, a vape guy, and a cig smoker. The cigar guy had previously dabbled in pipes, but had only tried one or two blends (aromatics). He also...
  14. petes03

    Any Updates On Gawith Tobaccos?

    The last thing I heard was that they were having some issues with the FDA or something, but planned to be shipping soon. That was months ago..... I got to try a few G&H blends today that I haven’t had before, and some were real winners. I actually trade my buddy out of his jar of Scotch Flake...
  15. petes03

    Ardor “Old Briar” Pipes?

    Anyone have any information on the “Old Briar” line of pipes from Ardor? I just bought one. All I could find wa a reference saying that it was a limited specialty line, but nothing as to when it was made , or how many. It’s a DR, so I figure it’s not a really early one, but not a recent...
  16. petes03

    Where To Buy Tambolaka

    A buddy of mine is really wanting to try it, and I wouldn’t mind trying it myself. Does anyone know of a reliable source?
  17. petes03

    $1000+ Pipes

    This is a thread I’ve wanted to post for several years now, just never got around to it. I greatly admire the skill and craftsmanship that goes into hand made, and even high end “factory” pipes. That being said, I don’t see the reason that any pipe, made by a living carver, should cost that...
  18. petes03

    Intricate Marco Cascia Violin Pipe And Kit On EBAY. This is a great demonstration of his talent. I have a Cascia pipe, but it didn’t cost anywhere near what this one does, lol.
  19. petes03

    New Eric Heberling. Pic Heavy

    Sandblasted Strawberry Wood Billiard with Plateau and Black Cumberland Stem.
  20. petes03

    Finally Got Myself An Eskimo!

    After years of wanting one, I finally pulled the trigger on this one. It’s by Rusen Rusenov, and is an excellent example of the shape. I’ve also never really seen a sandblasted Eskimo, as they’re usually a canvas for showing of Birdseye grain. I don’t mind a smooth pipe at all, but my tastes...