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    Been Smoking my pipes since 2014, but still feel like a beginner.

    I have been smoking a pipe off and on since 2008. I always feel like a beginner, because I don’t always have much time to spend smoking a pipe.
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    Cellaring: How Much is Too Much?

    There’s no such thing as too much. I always try to pick up a tin or few oz of something I like every time I go to a b&m, because you never know how long that blend will be available (looking at you McClelland)
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    Who Uses Matches?

    I use matches quite regularly, especially if I’m at a cigar/pipe shop or otherwise smoking indoors. Outdoors I use various butane soft flame lighters.
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    Where to Buy a New Stem

    Highly recommend J.H. Lowe & Co. That is Tim West’s repair business. He makes great pipes, and does excellent repair work. Myself and a friend have a few pipes off to him at the moment for new stems.
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    Long term storage question

    Fill to just under the rim, but make sure the rim is clean, so the lid will make a good seal
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    New from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Welcome fromSouth Carolina, US
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    Hello from Washington.

    Welcome from South Carolina
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    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome from South Carolina!
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    McClelland Dilemma - To try or Not?

    I was able to smoke quite a few different McClelland’s blends over the years before they closed shop. My advice would be if you’re able to fund your smoking habit regularly, then smoke what you have. But if you have to save to fund your smoking habit, sell them and use the money to build your...
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    Hello From South Carolina

    At the moment, my go to virginias (and derivatives) have been C&D sunbear 2019, PS luxury bullseye flake, and PS luxury twist flake.
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    Hello From South Carolina

    Hello all. I’ve been smoking pipes and cigars since 2008. Virginias are my go to tobaccos. I’m looking forward to joining this community. Cheers! Chris