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  1. akfilm

    80th Anniversary Kirsten/Tsuge!

    Got myself a new pipe! An 80th Anniversary pipe from Kirsten and Tsuge! They released 80 pipes in the US and 80 pipes in Japan, now I want the japanese one, this is 70A. I'm not shy about how I'm a huge fan of Kirsten and am super excited that they started making pipes again. By the way, the new...
  2. akfilm

    A Most Exciting Lunt

    My wife and I attended a wedding at a fishing lodge a few hours south of us this weekend. As the wedding reception wore down, my wife and I decided to take our dog Buddy out for a walk and give me a chance to lunt. I packed and lit my pipe (a nording signature with Rattrays Highland Targe), and...
  3. akfilm

    Fun Find

    I was digging through my pipe cabinet when I found some old tins of Prince Albert I had found in a Michigan antique shop when I was visiting my parents but I had forgotten about. When I picked them up I felt weight in them that I hadn't noticed before. I opened the one with the tax stamps on it...
  4. akfilm

    Pre-1865 Pipes For A Film

    Hello, I'm involved in a fairly large film that has pipe smoking in it. The script is originally set in 1863 on the western frontier, but production may pull it back to the 1840's. What type of pipes would a gentlemen be smoking in this time period? Had briars made it that far west yet?
  5. akfilm

    What a find

    Found a Karl Eric grade a pipe for $25 in the antique shop. No stem, but that's easy to deal with. Hardly smoked by the look of it.keep hunting!
  6. akfilm

    What's In The Box?!

    A beautiful velvet box has come home. And you may be wondering... It's an unsmoked CAO by Ismet Bekler. A beautiful box holding an even better pipe. As soon as I saw this pipe under the light I knew I wanted it. It stood out immediately because of its beautiful marbled meerschaum. I can't...
  7. akfilm

    Kaywoodie Lot Find

    So, found this pile at the local antique shop. Got the whole pile for $12. All need to be restored, but the stingers are all intact. How'd I do? Supergrain 18 (4 hole) Supergrain 17 (3 hole) Connoisseur 12B (3 hole, burn) Supergrain 06C (3 hole) Supergrain 45C (4 hole) Prime Grain 07C (3...
  8. akfilm

    Europe Trip

    I'm planning a trip through Europe, and didn't know if anyone had any insight into the places I'm going for pipe smoking. Both in terms of local feelings and culture, must go shops, blends to look out for, or places of general interest related to pipes and pipe tobacco. I'll be starting in...
  9. akfilm

    Kirsten dated 1971

    I did it, finally smoked my signed and dated 1971 Firesider, highly polished. Kirsten. Opted for the first smoke to be with the briar and Dunhill Aperitif. I was holding off for some reason, but finally decided that pipes are meant to be smoked. Makes me happy that after 45 years of the pipe...
  10. akfilm

    Newest Kirsten to Collection

    Just added this beauty to my Kirsten lineup. An unsmoked, new old stock, full bent Designer, 1971 dated, after talking to Stacy, she thinks her granddad made it in the late '60's. Briar bowl, meerschaum bowl, sock and paperwork is all there. A nice collectors piece.
  11. akfilm

    Old Mystery Pipes (Image heavy)

    First post, been smoking pipes for about 10 years and have a nice collection ranging from boardpipes to mortas, calabashes and meerschaums. A pipe for every mood and situation! I was at my tobacconist's, and in walked a man with a thick accent, he pulled these two pipes out of a bag, and said...