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  1. TinCup

    Why did Cloth Sacked Tobacco Disappear?

    Perhaps the cloth bag manufactures have converted the bulk of their production to meeting the demands of the Potpourri and sunglasses markets ;)
  2. TinCup

    Big Dollar Pipes vs Lower Priced Pipes

    I’ve bought a couple of cheap pipes and each time, on receipt, I’ve been roundly disappointed in the look and feel i.e it both looks cheap and nasty and feels cheap and nasty… that being said they smoke just fine Case in point the pocket sized dr plumb ‘dinky’ I had this morning filled with...
  3. TinCup

    Cleaning and resting

    Sometimes I barely wait until a pipe has cooled before I clean it, other times it’ll sit for several days after being smoked before cleaning, still others just get a pipe cleaner before filling the bowl again (I also regularly fill the bowls of several pipes at once, pop wind cap on (or not)...
  4. TinCup

    Brand Name Loyalty

    A wee bit off topic but its something I think about whenever the ‘loyalty’ topic comes up… When we carry out a repeat/ongoing purchase of goods/services (& I do it too) are we actually showing ‘loyalty’ to a company/provider… or simply exercising our preference (regardless of who the supplier...
  5. TinCup

    Peterson 2022 Christmas Pipe

    Is the band fully copper? The 2018 Peterson Christmas range used copper plated nickel (if I recall it was something to do with copper possibly getting too hot, in comparison) For cleaning it, every coupe of months I'll clean it with juice from a lemon to get the original finish back, seems to...
  6. TinCup

    Going Out and About

    Semi rigid sunglasses case works perfectly well for me One (or even two) pipes with a couple of pipe cleaners folded in half, a 9mm filter or two, pipe nail tamper and clipper lighter. I put the tobacco in a small lined jewellery pouch with a draw string neck which also fits inside… oh a couple...
  7. TinCup

    What are Your Hobbies?

    Just a 4 letter word ..... Golf
  8. TinCup

    Ebony pipes

    Its a type of plastic, sorry, cant narrow it anymore than that but pretty similar to other plastic stemmed briar pipes I have. Despite pipe tobacco not being sold here there is a small shop that has these cheap pipes so I usually see what's in the window when I pass & picked up a couple over...
  9. TinCup

    Ebony pipes

    I have one (used to be two until I broke the tenon on the other one) I use it mostly as my breakfast/first coffee pipe in the morning It is pretty heavy, definitely a hardwood and very 'solid' (compared to my briar pipes) which fits with the claim that it is ebony wood. has a 9mm filter system...
  10. TinCup

    My Hand Carved Wands

    Reminded me of a pic I took at an airport shop... This was about half the choice they had
  11. TinCup

    Aldo Morelli Rescue Attempt

    Doesn't even register compared with the skills I see on these threads but thought I'd share anyway...I had a cheap Morelli pipe for a couple of years and it was supposed to be 'finished' with a "polished black bowl" Turns out it was basically a gloss paint and no surprise that through use and...
  12. TinCup

    Caption This

    'I only smoke it to stop people complaining about my fur coat'
  13. TinCup

    Making Your Own Blends from Your Cellar

    I’m not sure I’d describe it as blending but I routinely take 'plain' aromatic cavendish (golden or black) and mix with cherry cavendish (usually a 75/25 split) and have not been disappointed. Although I do this in part to ‘dilute’ the cherry down a bit as well as adding something to the...
  14. TinCup

    The Sound of a Zippo

    I think I read some time ago that the 'distinctive Zippo sound' is built and tested into each unit as part of the build... but I seem to remember its the opening sound of the hinge that's 'tuned' & not the (equally distinctive) sound of the lid closing
  15. TinCup

    UK Pipe Smokers....or Lack Thereof

    Close guess, Mauritius Loose tobacco (pipe or rolling) isn't sold. I think it was a measure to prevent smoking 'other' substances (even cigarette papers are 'illegal' to retail) However, the personal allowance at duty free means I can get a trickle from folks flying in etc which keeps me...
  16. TinCup

    Filter Fanatic or Filter Carper

    Never filter free. Charcoal in most, balsa in both Savinelli Instead of squeezing them, if it’s a tight fit (& since its just balsa) use your fingernail to remove a sliver off one (or more) ‘corners’ until they fit better, its the work of a couple of seconds ?
  17. TinCup

    UK Pipe Smokers....or Lack Thereof

    Well its a tropical island so the weathers not too bad & the beach is a minutes walk away ? I know a few South Africans who fly back home fairly often and many will bring me a couple of packs of tobacco back from there, so that's where I mostly get it from ? (& I drew a face on an empty...
  18. TinCup

    UK Pipe Smokers....or Lack Thereof

    You think that’s bad I’m on an island in the Indian ocean where no one is permitted to sell pipe tobacco and any that I get posted in has 300% duty Usually restrict my pipe smoking to the balcony at home, golf club, the beach or occasionally on a bench outside the office As far as I know I’m...
  19. TinCup

    Two New Pipes, Rattray And Savinelli (At Last)

    Due to difficulties in getting tobacco for the last couple of years I’ve not been posting and instead I've just been looking in (with envy) from time to time. As travel eased I’ve managed to get a few lbs of tobacco and at the same time added a couple of new pipes. A Rattrays straight poker...
  20. TinCup

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Tobacco being as rare as hens teeth here, I'm delighted to have grossly overpaid in duty this morning to get my hands on two tins from customs. I can have two bowls each day this weekend!