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  1. SaxonX

    Apple could have made this..

  2. SaxonX

    Dunhill Bulldog estate pipe

    I picked up this Dunhill estate pipe at a local auction house today and spent an hour giving it a good clean and polish. It seems in excellent condition and I could spend a lot more time on it but wonder if it is just fine as it's easy to go to far....any views? (some before and after...
  3. SaxonX

    Interesting headstone

    On a recent visit home I called into Minstead Church in the New Forest to visit the grave of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle....a pipe was left on the headstone......although it was well weathered! Another headstone caught my attention there too.....they were obviously a brother or sister of the briar...
  4. SaxonX

    Old Hollywood Pipe Shops

    Title edited. Sub heading added: Kramers and Beverly Hills Pipe & Tobacco Company You may enjoy this short read:
  5. SaxonX

    A One Pipe Man....

    Title edited for caps. Rule 9! jpm I walked into a bar the other day.......anyway I got talking to a chap who was a long time ex pipe over thirty years of piping he only ever had one pipe at a time! I guess most on here have a bit pipe acquisition disorder but is there anyone on...
  6. SaxonX

    Rattray's Bagpipers Dream

    Hi all, is it just me or is it now impossible to find tins of BD in the UK? it seems to have been out of stock everywhere I've looked for the last 4 or 5 months....
  7. SaxonX

    James Upshall Estate Pipe

    I bought this estate pipe at auction just this week on a whim, I thought it would make a good case for a first go at restoration. On doing some research on getting it home, I find they appear to be quite desirable. I can't thought find out about this style or its value or rarity etc. I don't...
  8. SaxonX

    A Cambridge pipe poet

    Well strictly speaking he also does a lot of much lower brow work than his more classical pipe poems ? - this chap is a Chaplain at Cambridge and a broadcaster and author. He is also a 'character' and a long time pipe smoker who has a youtube site with a number of pipe related discussions such...
  9. SaxonX

    Rattrays Exotic Passion

    Hi all, does anybody know if Exotic Passion is available in the UK? only I can't find a mail order supplier.... Regards KB
  10. SaxonX

    Einsteins pipes to be sold...?

    Me posts and then two in two days.... Anyway, purely by chance I came across this via Apple News I am not convinced they are his, appearing after all this time, and to an English antiques hobbiest the provenance sounds a little weak; I...
  11. SaxonX

    Interesting old pipe collection

    I thought PM members might be interested in this collection.....