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  1. nightmarejones

    New Estate on Briarbid

    Just listed a beautiful Grabow royal duke on for cheap.Give it a look or maybe even a bid.Thanks,name,100947,auction_id,auction_details
  2. nightmarejones

    Gave My First "Starter Kit" Today

    Today my fiance's sister came over and for the 5th time or so asked about smoking a pipe,with genuine interest in doing so.She just turned 18 2 weeks ago, so I told her if she was serious then I'd hook her up...she said she was, so after she left, my girl and I set up a few pipes for her to...
  3. nightmarejones

    One Year Anniversary

    Yesterday was my one year of smoking a pipe.I would like to thank all of the members here for helping me learn how to perfect my packing technique,hone my restoration skills and generally show us all a good time.In this last year I have had some fantastic smokes, good conversations, met great...
  4. nightmarejones

    Flake packing methods?

    I have been smoking a pipe for quite a while now, but have only had ribbon cut tobacco.Just the other day I went to my local B&M and got an oz. of baccy that smelled great...A knock off of Lane Blue Note.Then once I got home and began to pack my pipe I realized it was very moist,sticky and...
  5. nightmarejones

    Brebbia Go-Go Mad Max style

    Finished re-doing this Brebbia nosewarmer in the "Mad Max Fashion" last night.I have never seen a pipe with so many factory fills before, along with tons of scratches, dents and the bowl being out of round I decided to do it to look beat up.I figured if Max had a pipe it would be small (for easy...
  6. nightmarejones

    Feelings on custom pipe cases?

    Growing up watching horror films and such I've always loved the old school coffins.Being a musician/guitarist I actually own a "Coffin Case" for my guitar.I was wondering if there was any "market" more or less for a pipe case in that shape, custom fit to that specific pipe? I understand it would...
  7. nightmarejones

    Finished restoring estates (pic heavy)

    Here are 2 estates (before & after) that I found at the flea market that I just finished restoring.The first is a Bent Dr.Grabow Riviera..Before... .. Now After.. The next is a Kaywoodie 7750B Drinkless..Before.. Now after...
  8. nightmarejones

    Baby Boy Today

    2 hours ago my baby boy was born..He's almost a pound less than my other boy was,weighing in at 7lbs. 9oz. My ol'lady did it completely natural and in only 2 pushes....She's one hell of a trooper
  9. nightmarejones

    What do I use for fills?

    I have a few estates I'm restoring and one has a few fills that are coming out.What can I use as a filler and where might I find it? Working on getting pics up ,Thanks
  10. nightmarejones

    How Do I Get My Bowl to Shine Like Glass?

    I know this may be a dumb question,But I've used Carnuba wax and buffed the hell out of it and it still won't shine like the pipes I've seen at the local b&m...If anyone could shed some light on my dilemma I'd greatly appreciate it.
  11. nightmarejones

    First full restore including re-finish [PIC HEAVY]

    Got this rusticated Medico Cavalier in a "lot" and tried my hand at restoration [except reaming,that was done already] including a re-finish...If you would let me know what you all think I'd appreciate it.thanks This is the before albums/p521/nightmarejones/WP_000020.jpg[/IMG] and this is the...
  12. nightmarejones

    Orange tree pipes

    Does anyone know about pros/cons of making a pipe out of wood from an orange tree?Just curious cuz I saw there was a pipe maker that uses Lemon tree wood.
  13. nightmarejones

    Who is the make of this Meerchaum?

    Got a Meer in a "lot" and can't find the maker's mark anywhere online.Any info will be appreciated.Thanks,
  14. nightmarejones

    First Attempt to refurb a Meer [5 pics]

    Being quite new to pipes I got an old Meerchaum [along with others] in a "lot" and decided to refurb it since the tenon did not fit at all.I haven't finished it yet but I am curious if anyone can tell me what it is or has any advice on how to make the stem fit and/or how to "finish it".Here are...
  15. nightmarejones

    New Dr.Grabow with strange markings

    So today I finally got my first Briar!!!!It's a Dr.Grabow Bent Omega w/smooth finish.After I get home I take it out of the packaging and notice on the right side there are 3 markings like someone was trying to sign/logo it with a dremel [not a stamp] each marking is similar but not exactly the...
  16. nightmarejones

    Tried a bolder tobacco...not so great

    Being VERY new to pipe smoking I have tried 3 different tobaccos [apparently house blends] from my local tobacco shop.The latest being "The fox and the hound" which if i recall correctly is a blend of Virginia cavendish,light burley,latkia,and perque....This may pertain only to people that have...
  17. nightmarejones

    How to clean a Yello-Bole brylon

    I took up Pipe smoking a few weeks ago [and love it] and come to find out my brother-in-law did also when he was 16 for a week and still had the pipe.He gave it to me and after some research I found that it's a Yello-Bole brylon.It has very little cake but does have alot of...