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  1. radrick96

    Fishing Advice

    I’m looking at getting a nice rod and reel for fishing. I live in Central Florida so there’s plenty of spots plus I boat so saltwater is an option too. I’ve only ever used a 60$ Open combo from Walmart and it worked great for fresh/salt. But aside from that know nothing about the fish, baits...
  2. radrick96

    Dark Fired Leather Pipe Pouches

    Dark Fired Leather can be found on Etsy and Instagram. The owner is Ed Graves and his craftsmanship is as exceptional as his products are popular. He makes all sorts of leather goods but most commonly pipe pouches for single pipes or even sets of pipes. This is mine I recently commissioned. I...
  3. radrick96

    Pipe Valet I’ve seen a bunch of them on social media. And was curious about opinions as there are no reviews on his site. Anybody have one? Is it better than my paper plate?
  4. radrick96

    My Craigslist Find

    Found it on Craigslist for $25. Going to paint it black Not sure what was faster: - Handing him the money - Driving away with it
  5. radrick96

    Forever Stems Are Back!

    Yes, you read it right. As a newb, I was very sad to miss out on some of the “Forever Stems” from Walker Briarworks to use with corncob pipes. Well, Walker retired this year, but Vermont Freehand just posted that they are now selling forever stems in lots of styles. They no longer have the...
  6. radrick96

    C&D Carolina Red Flake W/Perique

    Available at p&c now. Just ordered a few tins!
  7. radrick96

    L.J. Peretti 150th Flake

    Anybody tried their tobacco? I’m curious about it!
  8. radrick96

    When, Where, and Why Do You Smoke?

    Recently read someone was gonna have more time to smoke in their truck while working the farm. That made me think some others might have cool times they get to smoke! Do you only smoke at the end of your day to really savor each bowl? Do you smoke one after each meal? Do you have other times...
  9. radrick96

    If You Could Only Have 7 Tobaccos.. Which Ones Are They?

    A fellow member started a thread on 7 pipes... So I figured I would start one about tobaccos. Personally, my selection would be one of each tobacco type. 1. Burley 2. Virginia 3. Kentucky 4. English 5. Cavendish 6. Latakia 7. Perique While I haven’t smoked enough blends yet to list the names...
  10. radrick96

    Central Florida Pipe Clubs

    If anybody knows of a pipe club around central Florida, let me know. If not, let’s start one together?!
  11. radrick96

    Central Florida Pipe Clubs

    I am new to pipe smoking but browsing the forums I’ve seen pipe clubs mentioned. I’ve searched here and there was a previous thread someone started where they attempted setting up meetings but it’s outdated. So I’m starting this one! Any Pipe clubs in central florida? If not, who wants to start one?
  12. radrick96

    Howdy from Florida

    Howdy friends, I’m Rick, and I live in Florida. I’m 24 and been smoking since i was 14. I’ve ordered the necessities to start pipe smoking and can’t wait for my first session.