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  1. daytonsean

    The coolest Christmas gift thus far!

    My father gave me his father's lighter for Christmas this year. It's a Ronson. He served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He retired from the Air Force a Master Sergeant after twenty two years of service. His family were immigrants from Czechoslovakia. And he was a smoker. I didn't know...
  2. daytonsean

    Small TAD

    Yesterday I received an e-mail that had Butera Pelican back in stock. So I had to grab some up. I also ordered Capstan Flake Yellow to try since the Blue is out of stock. And I'm getting low on Veermaster. -2x Butera Pelican -1x Capstan Flake Yellow -1x Dan's Hamborger Veermaster
  3. daytonsean

    My First Year

    I just realized that August 28th of last year was when I signed up on this forum. Which means this past year went by way too fast. And brought a lot of changes. I was promoted twice at work. I became a father. I bought a house. And I may have bought a few new pipes and tins to go with it all...
  4. daytonsean

    I need help deciding on a new pipe.

    Okay fella's, I need to buy a new pipe. I have some decent money set back now. I would like a nice Peterson. Any suggestions?
  5. daytonsean

    My Altadis Free Sample!

    It's a tin of Sutliff Private Stock No. 5. Did anyone else get one of these?
  6. daytonsean

    TAD for December!

    Ordered a bit early to get the free shipping. I might make a second order in a few weeks. But: 1x Peterson Old Dublin 1x H&H Blackhouse 1x Peterson Hyde Park 1x Frog Morton 1x MacBaren Virginia No.1
  7. daytonsean

    November Tobacco Order

    1 MacBaren Virginia #1 100g tin 2 Peterson Old Dublin 50g tin 1 Peterson Hyde Park 50g tin 2 Dunhill Early Morning Pipe 50g tin 1 G.L.Pease Westminster 2oz tin 1 MacBaren HH Highland 100g tin 1 McClelland Frog Mortons 100g tin 1 Orlik Golden Sliced 50g tin Came out to just over $95.03...
  8. daytonsean


    Have you used Untappd? It's a mobile app for droids and iPhones that you can check into and track whatever kinds of beer you are drinking at a particular moment in time. I signed up for one because a lot of my friends are using it; "beer-pressure." Duhhh. So last night, I was enjoying a Moerlein...
  9. daytonsean

    Well gentlemen, it's a girl!

    My first child is gonna be a little girl! We are almost nineteen weeks along, and everything is looking good thus far. I'm pretty stoked about it!
  10. daytonsean

    I'm considering Balkan.

    Putting together a new TAD and I'm gonna try a Balkan, amongst other things. Need suggestions.
  11. daytonsean

    A lot of new blends to try!

    I received a piece of mail on Monday from a good sir Shawn622, which included some samples of the following: McClelland Frog Morton Snowflake (Schurch?) Hearth and Home Beverwyck MacBaren HH Old Dark Fired Cornell and Diehl Berries and Cream G.L. Pease Jack Knife Plug Bennington #46...
  12. daytonsean

    Middle Earth Sampler

    Has anyone tried the Middle Earth Sampler at JFH? Someone had mentioned it to me on Saturday night that the Shortcut to Mushrooms was pretty good. Is it more of just a novelty sampler? Or is it worth the $10.00 to try one?
  13. daytonsean

    Concerning Blue Note

    New user to the forum here. And well, I don't smoke all of the time, so I'm fairly "green" when it comes to knowledge of pipes and the such. I do however have a fascination with Blue Note. I've tried quite a few aromatics thus far, and Blue Note seems to be my main thing. My question to you...