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  1. SaxonX

    UK Pipe Smokers....or Lack Thereof

    Saw one myself last week at a bus stop in Staffordshire! I would have offered him a lift but we were going in opposite directions! Really took me by surprise ....
  2. SaxonX

    What was Smoking a Pipe Like 100 Years Ago?

    My Lady Nicotine: a study in smoke by JM Barrie was published in 1890, as well as being a social commentary of the time in a very funny way, it gives a great insight to pipe and cigar smoking during that era. I enjoyed it so much on my kindle I searched out and bought a hard back copy!
  3. SaxonX

    What is the Worst Pipe Tobacco You have ever Smoked?

    I have named Erinmore previously but today tried Ashtons Consumate Gentleman… was fouli emptied my pipe after 15 minutes and put the new tin back on the shelf 🤢
  4. SaxonX

    Apple could have made this..

  5. SaxonX

    Dunhill Bulldog estate pipe

    Ah, I thought someone else had spotted it, I think sometimes dealers get the best lots from there but they like six at a time rather than a quality single item that will take time to sell on.....sorry to have beaten you, but I am glad too, its a great little smoker!
  6. SaxonX

    Dunhill Bulldog estate pipe

    I paid £80 or $92US, there were two other bidders after it too so got pushed up quite a bit more than I was hoping, but having looked at ebay prices in advance I thought this would be its ballpark so wasn't surprised.....the auctioneer was though, obviously not a pipe smoker himself 🤠
  7. SaxonX

    Dunhill Bulldog estate pipe

    Thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback! it's unusual for me to turn up a good'un 👍🏻
  8. SaxonX

    Dunhill Bulldog estate pipe

    Thanks Georged that's really helpful!
  9. SaxonX

    Dunhill Bulldog estate pipe

    In Cheshire in the Uk - I had a close look at the file marks but it is only from where I applied the polish a little thick
  10. SaxonX

    Dunhill Bulldog estate pipe

    I picked up this Dunhill estate pipe at a local auction house today and spent an hour giving it a good clean and polish. It seems in excellent condition and I could spend a lot more time on it but wonder if it is just fine as it's easy to go to far....any views? (some before and after...
  11. SaxonX

    Erik Nording Hunter Series

    I think thats the one I would buy if I could find a seller in the uk with it in stock
  12. SaxonX

    Nottingham Pipe Show 2022

    Yes, I am hoping to make a day of it....never been before!
  13. SaxonX

    Interesting headstone

    On a recent visit home I called into Minstead Church in the New Forest to visit the grave of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle....a pipe was left on the headstone......although it was well weathered! Another headstone caught my attention there too.....they were obviously a brother or sister of the briar...
  14. SaxonX

    Pipe bowl drop onto floor

    I do that far too often, all have survived......just stuff it and smoke it
  15. SaxonX

    Comoy's Pipe Tobacco

    Plenty here in the UK......I can't understand why Brexit is being blamed....the UK is trading internationally with far more countries than it ever used to (before joining the EEC and then EU) .....Comoy's Cornish Mixture and the Scottish I can highly recommend when your suppliers get it back in
  16. SaxonX

    Rattray’s Pipe Tobacco Discontinued?

    Why would it be related to Brexit? they want to sell it, we want to buy's no different than anything these in that respect......... I don't see that at all
  17. SaxonX

    The Charatan Replacement Blends.

    I'd certainly second the Victorian's a cracker!
  18. SaxonX

    The Charatan Replacement Blends.

    I'd certainly second that....
  19. SaxonX

    Newbie News - 06/08/22

    Not pipe related but In my days as a firefighter I recall going to a special service call, a hazmat incident. It was in a small industrial unit where they recycled out of date margarines into their component parts for resale. I can't remember which it was that was spilled but it caused the place...
  20. SaxonX

    My Spouse Threw Away My Meer

    Enough said ..... ?