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  1. clynch

    OK City B&M are there any?

    I'm going to Oklahoma City on business in 2 weeks. Any notable B&Ms I need to visit?
  2. clynch

    Fine Tune for Taste Gawith Rum Flake

    I just got Gawith Rum Flake from the recent drop. Its supposed to be rich, sweet, rum and maple. I stuffed it into a small Boswell poker pipe. All I tasted was cream and burley. I chopped and gravity fed into an older Pererson Wicklow from reborn pipes. Again, burley, nothing else. A...
  3. clynch

    Older Tobacco is Better? Naaa.

    I've read many posts in the last half year and I'm left with the general thought, "older tobacco taste better". Common to see something that aged for many years is fabulous. Something that aged for a couple years is better than new. I don't have a cellar. I have an ever increasing rotation...
  4. clynch

    Noob and Peterson Perfect Plug

    Finally got to playing with a plug. Read advice from this forum and went with Peterson Perfect Plug. Shaved some off and then broke it up with my fingers. Nothing awesome about the tin aroma. I usually love tin aroma on almost anything so this was a bit off putting. I let it dry out for...
  5. clynch

    My Plug Cutter

    This is my plug cutter. Got it at a gun and knife show. Couple of older guys in Lower Alabama forge knives for fun and profit. Note the Wasp nest inside the handle. The gun is so you can estimate size (vice a coin). Plus its cool! Having said that I'm still a noob and have yet to purchase...
  6. clynch

    Captain Black: Now What?

    I've tried out many different tobaccos and find them to be okay to good. I've no favorites Multiple Boswells (aromatic and english) Maltese Falcon plum pudding granger early morning pipe - good mixture 965 - good Asculade - good Multiple tinder box blends (old Days) Captain Black regular - good...
  7. clynch

    Generally Speaking Pipe Smokers are Fun

    I find the people on this forum are great. I've been on many forums and there is always squabbling. Long ago I had a part time job at Walmart. I smoked cigarettes. The break room was sizeable with a walled off section for smokers. I'd have lunch and breaks in there while smoking. All the...
  8. clynch

    Are Blend Listings Volume based

    Can't find this through research. If a tobacco blend states, "Barley, Red Virginia, toasted Cavandish and Perique" can we expect Barley to be largest by volume and decreased volume until you hit the Perique? In general thats how food is listed. I don't know if tobacco is regulated like this...
  9. clynch

    Cavendish Blend Question

    I look at Blends and I see Cavendish and Burley. Cavendish and Virginia. Light Cavendish, Dark Cavandish and ... . Per wikipedia Cavendish can be burley or virginia. The tobacco is heat treated with fire or steam and then put under heavy pressure to bring out the sugars. Some Cavandish may...
  10. clynch

    Capstan Yellow on Sale

    I like all tobaccos but I'm looking for a favorite. Something that rings my bell. I'd like to find something that would let me know if I like Virginias or not. A good clean Virginia. Would the Capstan yellow on sale fit that billet? I'm also lookIng for a clean BURLEY. Thanks.
  11. clynch

    New Peterson System 302

    Got some great advice from this forum and did lots of research from various threads. Got my first Peterson System Pipe. Ebony 302. Feels great in the hand. I'll test drive it this weekend.
  12. clynch

    Anybody Try a Petersen System Filtered?

    My next pipe will be a Petersen System. I must have one. I've been bitten. In reviewing from the many choices on their website I saw a system pipe with a filter. System pipes are supposed to have reduced draw to them with that P tip. Anybody ever try a system with a filter? Every now and...
  13. clynch

    Cool Saying

    Heard this at a training today. In the USA we say "the squeaky wheel gets the oil". In other words keep flapping your jaws till you get what you want. In China they are more reclusive. Their equivalent saying is "The Quacking duck gets shot". Thought it was worth sharing.
  14. clynch

    Is Classic Petersen a System pipe?

    I have a Savinelli 606, Boswell Poker, Boswell nose warmer, a cobb and a briar carving I'm working on. I will never have a ton of pipes. I want to expand the small collection with a sampling of different pipe styles and manufacturers. I was wanting to add a larger classic Petersen. I was...
  15. clynch

    Beginner Ooops, Burnt Pipe

    I could kick myself in the butt. I'm quasi new to pipes. I got an awesome nose warmer for JB. I know you aren't supposed to use a torch. I turned the flame all the way down. I was sure I could point it to the center of the chamber and not cause an issue. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I'll...
  16. clynch

    Cigar Humidor and Pipe Tobacco Tins

    Hi I keep about 5 tins of pipe tobacco in a cigar humidor. I live in Pensacola so its already humid here. The humidor comes with a humidification device. Add water and happy day. I find the device keeps the humidor at about 75% humidity. I keep my pipe tobacco in the origional tins, in the...
  17. clynch

    No online credit at Boswell Pipes and Tobacco

    Went to buy a pipe at Boswells today. Apparently as they are an online tobacco store the credit cards will no longer work with them. They are going back to checks for online purchases. A pipe is supposed to be smoked slow. I will have to extend that...
  18. clynch

    Noob Needs Some Help

    Hi, I started on pipes in 89 with a few of my navy pals and loved it. I've been out of touch for 20 years. I went to the pipe shop in the mall. The guy said my old Savenelli was a good pipe. He sold me some pipe cleaner but said it didn't need anything and I was good to go as is. I cleaned...