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  1. Briar Baron

    Peter Stokkebye A Grade Bent Brandy

    Well this beauty is on the way........ I was talking on the phone while doing manual bidding in the last few seconds......probably went a bit high while being distracted but overall very happy with the purchase. Carved by Jorgen Larsen, a freehand and a nice big pipe! My question is about when...
  2. Briar Baron

    Dunhill Aromatic

    I bought 2 aged tins of Dunhill Aromatic a few years back but only got to opening one yesterday, still sealed well and retained moisture. I was wonderng the age, the advert inside mentions the Duke St store but could not find a date when that closed. My guess is that that this tin is from the 1980s?
  3. Briar Baron

    Is Smoke Color Related To Flavor?

    I must say firstly that I don't smoke many cigars but I have started to notice that the cigars I like best have smoke that is colored a blue or even towards a purple color. This is opposed to other cigars where the color is closer to a grey/blueish smoke. I am wondering if certain wrappers give...
  4. Briar Baron

    What Causes a Cigar to Burn Up the Center/Core?

    I had a Punch Elites EMS yesterday and things were well until the last 1/3rd when I started to taste an unpleasant change. I persevered for a bit longer and then gave up. I then cut the end off and saw that it had started to burn only in the core and had not been burning the outer wrapper. Does...
  5. Briar Baron

    Removing Cigar Label Band

    I am not a regular smoker of cigars but opened a nice one yesterday (A. Fuente Gran Reserva - Chateau Fuente Natural) but with a cigar that is only 4.5 long (ring 50) it seemed to smoke just to the band would mean about 25% would be unsmoked. Since this for me was an expensive cigar I thought I...
  6. Briar Baron

    Savinelli Eleganza 320

    I have been watching these for a while and when Smoking Pipes EU put up this one I could not resist. To me the grain on this one that is at least in the upper range of the Giubileo d Oro line or sure! The bowl must has dropped out of that high end box into the Eleganza box! Perfect grain and...
  7. Briar Baron

    Saved Photos

    Over the years I built up my photo album on the site and now can not find the link to find the album, or upload new photos either. Has something changed? I log on and go thru all the menus but can not find any of my photos. Thanks in advance.
  8. Briar Baron

    Another Dunhill Dating Question

    I tried to understand the posted references but my tin did not seem to match. I will try and post a pic later after more study but in the mean time.... a friend picked up a few tins in Seoul of Dunhill Flake, made in Denmark with the code of CB027L01, any guess here if it was old stock or newer...
  9. Briar Baron

    Wax Drip Commission Pipe

    Postman came today! Beautiful pipe by Russ Cook.
  10. Briar Baron

    Australian New Tobacco Import Laws

    From July 1st 2019 most tobacco products will be 'prohibited imports', (this includes cigarettes, molasses tobacco and loose leaf tobacco, pipe tobacco). This one really caught me by surprise. I saw it on the evening news 2 days after the new laws came in :( Apparently the cigarette smugglers...
  11. Briar Baron

    2018 Pipe Of The Year

    I managed to get the Savinelli 2018 POY first and then today I received the Viprati 2018 POY! They both look great together!
  12. Briar Baron

    Savinelli Giubileo d'Oro

    I like Savinelli pipes and have several from the Autograph series, however the pricing of their Giubileo d'Oro series has got me confused. They say that these are only 0.1% of production yet when I look at examples from his range, to me they look like a $150 - $200 Savinelli and definitely not a...
  13. Briar Baron

    Finish Faded

    I am curious why some even high grade, un-smoked pipes can suffer from a faded finish (stain). I have bought a few estate, un-smoked pipes that have a faded finish. It appears to be a problem with Italian makers more than others however I have a HT Dunhill that had the same problem. Surely it...
  14. Briar Baron

    "Special Occasion Smoke" Cost or Scarcity?

    We often see the term "special occasion smoke" but I started to think that different folks may have different criteria for this allocation. Myself it is usually scarcity but I also understand that some of the reasons to keep a tobacco back can be that said tobacco was double the cost say of...
  15. Briar Baron

    PAD and Christmas

    I have been trying not to look at pipes from on-line vendors recently so as to try and keep things under control but it seems that the closer we get to Christmas the more that resistance is futile...:( This came today......
  16. Briar Baron

    Dunhill Churchwarden Stamping

    I was hoping someone could help with explaining the stampings on this pipe I have ordered. The 4 digit code is 3634 which the seller says is group 3 and the 34 means churchwarden, however my online searches of reference material does not confirm this. The main question however is the 03/01...
  17. Briar Baron

    Am I Being Unreasonable?

    I ordered a pipe from one of the main online retailers and wanted to take advantage of the Buy a pipe get a tin free. I purchased an unsmoked Savinelli Autograph from the estate section and was then told that the promotion did not apply to estate pipes. There was nothing to say it did not apply...
  18. Briar Baron

    New addition - my first Moretti

    Arrived today, Moretti "Collection" bamboo freehand with virgin finish. Beautiful grain and perfect engineering. Marco is truly a master craftsman.
  19. Briar Baron

    Bengal Slices in Stock at Smoking Pipes

    Just noticed this was in stock. Daily limit is 10 tins
  20. Briar Baron

    Plumcake - Rare Tin?

    I have recently acquired an aged tin of Mac Baren Plumbcake - Navy Blend - "Regular". Many of these tins I see are "Aromatic" but I have not yet seen another one that has Regular where the Aromatic is usually. The tin is 100g, sealed, and was said to be from the mid 80s. Does anyone know the...