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  1. cersono

    Peterson Smokes Bad No Matter What. How To Fix It?

    Sorry for a silly question but I feel like I have little options other than to turn to the collective wisdom of the forum. For some years already, I have an estate Peterson Limerick 80s Bent Bulldog (probably, from the 1970s) which just smokes bad. Nothing wrong with the pipe itself, no ghosts...
  2. cersono

    Which Wood in Kiko Meerschaum-Lined Pipes?

    Gentlemen, do you happen to know, which wood did Kiko Pipes use in their Tanzanian Meerschaum-Lined pipes, particularly the Kilimanjaro series, other than briar? Among my several Meer-lined Kikos, I have such a pipe (Kilimanjaro Shape 11 Dublin Rhino logo) and have no idea which wood it's made...
  3. cersono

    How to Apply Pipe Mud on a Drawhole Burnout?

    Gentlemen, I have a question on repairing a burnout. Here's my cheap oak-wood Pipe made by B&B in Poland. I bought it just to have an oak-wood pipe in my collection and never thought I'd like it too much. Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of my best-smoking pipes, which makes a perfect job...
  4. cersono

    Pipe Re-Stained with Tobacco Juice!

    Look at this beautiful new Pete 80s. It's stained with nothing more than Tobacco itself! This Pete was born as a Fermoy. I bought it just because I needed a filtered nickel-banded 80s, while Aran (which was actually what I was searching for) was nowhere to find in the stores. So I purchased a...
  5. cersono

    Are there any Sweet Latakia-Heavy blends?

    Gentlemen, may I ask for your suggestions on Sweet Latakia-Heavy blends I've always been more of a Dark Fire Cured / VaPer fan but after the recent sudden and strange change of my tastes the mighty Call of Latakia struck me in the head. I used to like Latakia before, but as I'm finding out now...
  6. cersono

    Body Chemistry Change. Has Anyone Else Experienced That?

    Hello gentlemen, I've been a pipe smoker for the last eight years. The last three of four months I notice a strangest change: whatever I smoke gives me a noticeable amount of tongue bite. It's not about puffing cadence or choice of blends (those have been the same for all previous years of...
  7. cersono

    Mold Odor in a New Pipe, How to Get Rid Of?

    Gentlemen, I'm asking for your advice on getting rid of a strong mold odor from the shank of a new Peterson Aran 268 pipe bought recently from tobaccopipes (now I understand why it was discounted from $125 to $100). Searching massively the forum topics I found suggestions of salt & alcohol...