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  1. Winnipeger

    Losing Track of your Pipes

    What's the longest you've lost a pipe for, only to have it turn up later? I haven't seen my Peterson Belgique in a couple of weeks. I'm sure it will turn up. This is the pipe I always seem to misplace, because I usually use it for short smokes when I'm on the run somewhere. It'll turn up...
  2. Winnipeger

    Packing pipes for days

    I've been packing a few pipes at a time lately, and leaving them in my jacket pocket or in the car so I can smoke them whenever the opportunity strikes, so to speak. I've had great smokes after the tobacco has been setting in the chamber for several days, like, four to five. More flavour and...
  3. Winnipeger

    Replacement Stem

    If I were considering replacing this acrylic stem with something in a brindle, who would y'all recommend I commission to do it? Any Canadian artisans? I'm not opposed to sending it across the border, but I imagine there's a good chance of customs fees on return.
  4. Winnipeger

    Sutliff TS-12 DFK

    Anyone tried this and can compare it to C&D DFK, GH&co. KK, ODF...?
  5. Winnipeger

    Good And Bad Smokers

    There seems to be some disagreement about whether some pipes smoke better than others. I hear some people say such-and-such pipe is a "good smoker" as opposed to others which may tend to gurgle, whistle, or have a restricted draw, etc. On the other hand, some other members have assured me...
  6. Winnipeger

    2-Dot Savinelli

    I've seen a few of these double-dot Savs, and it seems like a mystery when they were produced. This one has double 18k gold rings. The other ones I've seen have flat gold or silver bands on them. As far a I can tell this one is fairly unique, while the flat banded ones are rare, but a little bit...
  7. Winnipeger


    Anybody like them? I see some Kaywoodies I like the looks of, but the only one I ever owned—which was a nice sandblasted pot—I got rid of, because the stinger just seemed to condense moisture and lead to gurgling. I admit I didn't spend a lot of time with that pipe. Before you respond by...
  8. Winnipeger

    Savinelli Underside Stem Stamp

    Anyone know anything about these stamps on the underside of the stem near the stummel? The top picture is a Giubileo D'Oro, and the bottom one is a Punto. Production years unknown.
  9. Winnipeger

    Green Amber?

    I see a lot of old meerschaum pipes with genuine amber stems on here. I love the look of those turn-of-the-century cutty pipes. [What's the plural of cutty? Cuttys? Cutties?] Anyway, when I was touring in the Baltic in 2006, where a lot of high quality amber comes from, I bought a pair of green...
  10. Winnipeger


    Sucks. Plus: Now the U.S. dollar is at a 20 year high. I guess my PAD and TAD are gonna have to cool it for now. Hopefully it doesn't become illegal to import tobacco and related products in the near future.
  11. Winnipeger

    Tobacco Reviews Dot Com

    Maybe this has been discussed in a previous thread, but why the heck, when I type "Rouxgaroux" in the tobacco search field at, does it say "0 Results Found"; and yet it's listed as a Watch City Cigar product? How many tobaccos are not findable on that site if you search them...
  12. Winnipeger

    Boxwood stems…

    Anyone have a pipe with a boxwood (or briar) stem? What are your impressions of it?
  13. Winnipeger

    Questions for the Sages

    This 1963 Dunhill estate pipe at caught my eye because it kind of reminds me of an Arne Jacobsen. They’re holding it for me at the moment. I want to ask the collectors here if they have any opinions on it. [The listing is here...
  14. Winnipeger

    Hey y'all

    New member from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in the heart—or asshole?—of North America. Started pipe smoking in 2017. I've owned about 30-35 pipes in that period. Now I've pared down to a dozen or so briars, a handful of cobs and one meer. I've gravitated to smaller briars, under an ounce...