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  1. coys

    Is this mold?

    I opened a new pouch of St. Bruno tonight, the ready rubbed version that comes in the OTC pouch. I've never had St. Bruno before, but I noticed right away that some of the tobacco has a whitish coating on the outside of it. See the photos: Since I've never had this blend before I don't know if...
  2. coys

    FS/FT: 3 Lots, 12 Tins Total (11/8/22)

    Greetings, I have three lots of tins to sell. All are sealed tins. All prices include shipping to US addresses by priority mail. Payment by PayPal only, please. I would be willing to trade any of these tins for equivalent number/weight in the following: Cornell and Diehl Carolina Red Flake...
  3. coys

    Pipe Tobacco Hall of Fame?

    I've seen some discussion on product descriptions and old reviews that there was something called the "Pipe Tobacco Hall of Fame", which I can't find any information on. Does anyone know what it is or was? Anyone have a list of those tobaccos which are inductees?
  4. coys

    FS/FT: Lot of 6 tins for sale or trade (9/30/22)

    Greetings, I have a few tins that I would like to offer. As I have refined my taste in English I have zeroed in on a preferred blend, and would like to offer these up as a lot. They are recent, sealed tins. Presbyterian, 4 tins. Early Morning Pipe, 1 tin. Nightcap, 1 tin. Can accept $60...
  5. coys

    Pipe Bag and Tray

    Can anyone recommend a good pipe bag that’s stood the test of time? I look for one but a lot seem to be low quality. It doesn’t have to be leather but something durable would be good. I spend some time in Canada in the wilderness each year and I want a bag that will carry two pipes and all my...
  6. coys

    Dedicating Pipes to Certain Types.

    I see that some of you here restrict your pipes to smoking similar blends in each - a pipe for Virginias, or English, or Aromatics, without mixing them. I also read here that some blends can “ghost” a pipe, which I presume means that blend’s taste will haunt the pipe on later smokes. So, is it...
  7. coys

    Gold Block

    I was recently looking for some Gold Block, as I mentioned in another thread. I'd like to try it even though it seems not to be especially well regarded in its current form. I know it was one of the most popular blends in England at one time and some famous pipe smokers enjoyed it. After...
  8. coys

    Packing a Pipe Well

    I’ve seen a few videos about how to load my pipe, but I’m still having some issues getting a nice smooth burn or a decent amount of smoke. Often, to this point, I end up with only a little smoke and needing many many relights. I am doing the method where you load it about 2/3 full and tamp...
  9. coys

    The Strongest Blend You’ve Tried

    The question is in the thread title - I am wondering what the strongest tobacco blend you’ve ever sampled is , and perhaps what was the strongest one that you actually enjoyed? I know this raises the question of what we mean by strength, if that is the same thing as fullness of flavor and many...
  10. coys

    How Many Bowls In a Tin?

    Title edited. Please read Rule 9. Just wondering, obviously there will be much variation. I tend to only load them halfway at this point because if they’re packed to a medium level they last long enough; any more than this and I weary of the pipe before it’s done. At my rate of half bowls...
  11. coys

    Greetings from a New Member

    Hello and greetings. I am a new member in the midwestern United States. I’ve recently had my start with pipery and I’m here to learn more as well as converse with some other members. On some good advice I got a Missouri Meerschaum cob pipe begin with and I also have a Peterson to play around...