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  1. Piping Rooster

    SG 1792 Flake Thoughts?!

    Just got a few tins of this stuff and I'm a pretty big fan of this blending house. I'm sitting here opening up a tin to rub some out to smoke and my first thought is Peppermint Skoal from the tin note. I was a heavy user of Wintergreen Skoal in the ARMY and couldn't stand the taste or smell of...
  2. Piping Rooster

    Ordering from

    I've looked all over on here for threads on this topic and have come up empty. I curious if anyone here in the states (Florida specifically) has ordered from them and if there were any duties associated with your pipe order? I plan on ordering just one pipe but it's fairly pricey (at least for...
  3. Piping Rooster

    China Police in New York

    This is insane!
  4. Piping Rooster

    Case Knives Pipe Tool?

    I emailed Case knives asking about their thoughts on making pipe tools and discussing current trends in the market. I've been carrying Case knives since I was a boy ever since my Grandfather gave me one of his. Got a response back from Case and maybe (🤞) we'll be seeing them in the future. I...
  5. Piping Rooster

    Show off your Dr. Grabows

    Had a case of PAD amd couldn't resist buying these after falling in love with @PipeIT's Dr. Grabow. Maybe I paid more than iI should have for a couble of Grabows but still cheaper than a new premium brand pipe. A pair of Sculpturas
  6. Piping Rooster

    Downie Pipes

    Some eye candy for those who like Halloween pipes!
  7. Piping Rooster

    Joe Lawrence Sculptures!

    Joe makes some of the coolest sculptures I've ever seen! I hope to have one of my one day! Fantastic work!
  8. Piping Rooster

    Homegrown Burley 64?

    So I ordered a 1/4gram of seed to try my hand at growing tobacco and I'm regretting not reading up more on varieties that are better suited to home growing. From what I've gathered Burley is harsher when homegrown due to the limitations of curing methods. Has anyone here grown this variety and...
  9. Piping Rooster

    Sutliff 212 vs. MacBaren Burley London

    So I've fallen in love with McB's Burley London but I only bought 1 tin and it's getting low. I've heard folks say 212 is BL in bulk. Has anyone here compared the two?
  10. Piping Rooster

    2022 Peterson Halloween Pipes

    Spurgeon Piper shared these on his YouTube channel.
  11. Piping Rooster

    Peter Stokkebye

    Where/what happened? How come the supply of this brand has diminished. It used to always be available but its been a long time since its been re-stocked.
  12. Piping Rooster

    My Thunder Bay Blend!

    This has been an excellent Vaper that consists of 70% GH Kendall Gold Vintage cut, 18% GH DVC cavendish, 13% C&D Long Cut Perique. These are available ingredients and highly recommend you try it!
  13. Piping Rooster

    Are OTC blends really OTC?

    I've been searching every where, all the drug stores around me, wally world and the only thing I have found is Capt'n Black. Anyone know what stores actually carry the old codger blends? I'm in central Florida.
  14. Piping Rooster

    18th Century tobacciana replicas.

    James Townsend has an awesome historical channel on Youtube chronicling life in the 18th century. Hiw website has lots of replicas among which are clay pipes and accoutrements. Go check him out if you haven't already!
  15. Piping Rooster

    Jobey Shellmoor 115

    Snagged this off the bay for 15 backaroos. Needs only the stem repaired. I'm going to first repair it by the super glue method until I can get a lathe and make a new one. Hoping to be able to lift the brass logo off the broke stem and put it on the replacement. This is a nice looking pipe!
  16. Piping Rooster

    Semois Tobacco Videos.

    Some interesting Semois Tobacco manufacturing videos. They are speaking French and the CC translation is not good but it's interesting to see the old machines and techniques used in the process.
  17. Piping Rooster

    Dr. Grabow Restoration

    Picked this up on ebay as the only bidder for $16.09. Buffed right out. Now I just need to ream it and wax it. Looking good thus far and I'm impressed with the birdseye on it!
  18. Piping Rooster

    Presbyterian Reformation

    New release now available on SP. Sounds meh (virginia burley turkish topped with cocoa and mocha) to me as I'm not into that kinda thing but thought I'd share with those who are.
  19. Piping Rooster

    US Orders from The Black Swan Shoppe?

    Tried placing an order but it didn't give me any shipping options. Are they taking U.S. orders?
  20. Piping Rooster

    Show us the Pipe that Started Your Smoking Adventure!

    This is my first pipe, a Medico paneled billiard that I got from my local B&M along with a pouch of straight Black Cavendish from Smokers Pride. Lets just say that experience wasn't all too pleasant. Newby smoker with wet tobacco and a plastic pipe is a recipe for disaster! Scorched tongue and...