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  1. Amarkey

    Looking At Another Pipe

    Its been a few months since ive bought a new or new to me pipe. Been looking at Falcon pipes. They seem cheap enough from estate sales and the ability to change bowls intrigues me. Not sure if i will actually buy one or not. From what Ive read about them they seem like a nice little pipe...
  2. Amarkey

    Looking For Pipe Shops in Michigan

    Hey this ones for all you Michiganders and even those who arnt that know our state. Ive been trying to find a pipe shop that sells tins but it seems to be a thing of the past. Pauls Pipe Shop from what i can tell on their website doesnt carry tinned tobacco but at least they carry a variety. All...
  3. Amarkey

    Super Value Buttered Rum

    This is the first pipe tobacco I ever tried. I have to admit starting off I hated this tobacco and convinced myself that it was picked up off the floor and shoved into a bag. Fast forward to where I am now in my pipe smoking journey and I have to say its not a bad tobacco. I will say that I have...
  4. Amarkey

    Employee Appreciation Day

    Well the Owner of the company i work for brought his drag racing team in to show off some of the cars. Im a fan of all things fast and always love seeing these things up close and hearing them run. Didnt win any prizes but i got outta having to turn a wrench for the rest of my afternoon. Any...
  5. Amarkey

    Stepping Outside of Aromatics

    I started off smoking a pipe several months ago. I took it slow at first and started with a Dr. Grabow and a bag of Super Value Rum pipe tobacco. Gotta say that tobacco was horrid and i didnt much care for it. I have found the aromatics that i enjoy smoking but my curious and adventurous mind is...
  6. Amarkey

    Good Score?

    Recently got this GBD 508 on a estate sale. Got it for $18.75. From what i can tell the pipe was only smoked a handful of times and the stem has very little signs of bite marks. It however does appear to have been dropped as it has a few scratches and the rim has a very minor nick. Overall im...
  7. Amarkey

    Estate Pipe Rabbit Hole

    So I am just starting to get into collecting pipes. Im still very new to pipes in general but with that said I have found myself falling down a rabbit hole of awesomeness. The past week ive added a Dunhill from around 1961 and 2 Savinelli pipes that im not sure on the date. I have enjoyed...
  8. Amarkey

    First estate pipe restoration

    So to start im still new to the world of pipes and pipe smoking. I recently got a Dunhill shellbriar estate pipe that needs some work. The first thing i noticed was the inner tube sticking out into the bowl. To be honest i had no idea what the hell that was. Thanks to this forum i got educated...
  9. Amarkey

    New Here and Could Use Some Help

    So im still pretty new to pipes and recenty got an estate pipe that needs a restore, not a major problem. I scored a dunhill shellbriar from about 1961. I noticed a brass insert in the draft hole and now im not sure how i would ream this pipe. Anyone help with this or give me some history on...