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  1. stickframer

    First Resto/Clean Up, Hardcastle's Bulldog

    This was my first attempt at cleaning up an estate pipe, an Hardcastle's Jack O' London shape 92, I believe made between 1946-1967, before Dunhill fully took over. The condition wasn't too bad other than a lot of grime on the exterior and the cake/tobacco still in the bowl. With limited...
  2. stickframer

    I Just Tried Deer Tongue

    I went to the B&M this afternoon looking for a change of pace blend. After hummin and hawing for a bit, and some BSing with the shop keeper, he suggests I take a look at 'Mr.B's 110 Anniversary Blend.' (Mr.B's is a sub-brand of Brigham, and the stuff was blended by C&D) The description reads...
  3. stickframer

    Health Canada to Reinvent Approach to Tobacco Control

    A couple weeks ago I saw in the news that Health Canada is seeking consultation for a new tobacco control strategy, and accepting submissions from individuals. Here's a link to the appropriate Health Canada webpage LINK Change may be brewing.
  4. stickframer

    Cornell & Diehl Tin Dating Question

    I just got a tin of Opening Night in the mail. There's a little sticker on the bottom that reads 20001. Surely it wasn't tinned in January of 2000? The tin is swollen but otherwise looks brand new, and I'm obsessively wondering how old it actually is. Does the sticker refer to the blend number...
  5. stickframer

    Tobacco "Wish List"

    These are all some of the blends on my to-try list: 4noggins- Bald Headed Teacher Astleys No.44 Carter Hall C&D- Stratfordshire, OJK, Billy Budd, Haunted Bookshop Dan Tobacco- Bill Baileys Balkan, Gordon Pym, Midnight Ride, Mellow Mallard GL Pease- Westminster, Charring Cross, Abingdon, JKP...
  6. stickframer

    Margate & Pembroke In Stock At 4noggins

    There's a limit of 1 per order. click here
  7. stickframer

    How To Date Orlik Tins

    I found this on fyi. Very similar to dating Dunhill tins. Here
  8. stickframer

    Summer Evenings

    Heavenly. This weekend has been hot for this time of year (highs in the low 30's or 89ish F) It's cooled a bit, the sun is lazily dropping to the horizon, there is barely the hint of a breeze; the perfect summer night. Stress and tension are carried away in a wisp of smoke. It's just my pipe and...
  9. stickframer

    I Would Love to Support My Local B&M, But...

    I'm blessed to have a b&m a block from my house. It was instrumental in my early explorations of pipes and tobacco. I guess I'm feeling a touch of guilt when I say I doubt I'll be doing much shopping there in the future. I value supporting local business but between the taxes in Canada, the...
  10. stickframer

    Vulcan it stem seems to be oxidizing VERY quickly.

    I purchased a Brigham pipe about a month ago and already the stem is showing noticeable discoloration. Much more than my other Vulcanite stemmed pipes which I've had longer. I'm wondering what might be causing this? I smoke 100% outdoors but am careful to never leave my pipes out. I began pipe...