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    Nicotine Sensitivity Differing By Blend

    I'd like to hear how many people experience more or less Nicotine depending on the variety of Tobacco being smoked. My example is Pipe Tobacco vs. Cigar Tobacco, but it's all tobacco so the format shouldn't be so important. On Thursday I smoked two bowls of Tobacco back to back, starting with a...
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    Chacom Canadian

    When I saw the specs on this pipe I knew it was meant to be. A decently long Canadian at 182mm (a smidge over 7") with a bowl 47mm (1.85") deep, deep enough but not so deep that it's hard to clean out with a Q-tip. Just right. Not the largest of its kind but very respectable, and priced at $70...
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    AliExpress Gem: Shao Lan Reverse Calabash.

    Over the last few years I've tried buying a number of pipes from China, the first horribly stank of something equivalent to burning plastic, no go. Then a fantastic bamboo stem pipe, amazing quality for the price (~$50) but it took six months to arrive so who knows if anyone else would ever get...
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    Scott's Pipes: S. Klein Design Technical Breakdown The headline for pipe manufacturer "Scott's Pipes" on makes some bold claims, that they can make accessible and affordable pipes of similar quality to Scott's own personally handcrafted pipes. Of course retail pictures would...
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    Looking For Recommendations: Pure Dark Earth Flavor

    I've been using Gawith Hoggarth Dark Bird's Eye to deepen some Aromatics, but after reading the description for Semois I wonder if there aren't Burley blends that could do just as well, or maybe someone other than Gawith Hoggarth has a well balanced Dark Fired Kentucky blend that leans more...
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    Radice "Collect" Pictures

    Just finished cataloging my most recent acquisition, very satisfied. (The Pipe was bought from, also very satisfied with their service.) This is my new favorite sandblast (it's not a J.T. Cooke or anything, but probably the best of my collection).
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    What is Your Worst Pipe Buying Mistake?

    It's been a month since my custom pipe came in and I'm still stewing over the experience. To cut a long story short: The maker did a great job but the price was 60% more than what you'd pay on the open market, I felt obligated to pay it anyway since I neglected to get a firm estimate...
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    [Cigars] Open Glass of Water in the Humidor?

    So I've got my Cigars nicely stacked in what appears to be a reasonably well sealed tub with a moisture gauge, but the only way to keep moisture in the 70% range (it's actually sitting at 60% right now) is if I place a shot glass full of distilled water in the tub. Beyond the possibility of...
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    Cigar V Smoker: When Does Cigar Quality Matter?

    To start with a practical scenario: I've got a small assortment of fine Cigars (e.g. Oliva Serie V), but have no clue when it would be appropriate to smoke them because my level of experience is nowhere close to matching the quality they offer. Starting from practically zero Cigar experience...
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    Cigar Variety Closest To An English/Oriental Blend?

    Not specifically looking for Latakia Cigars (which I have heard do exist, and is probably wasted on a Cigar) but more the Oriental forward variety, with sour and barnyard type notes. I read a general tasting guide and they say that "Floral" is the tasting note usually given for anything grassy...
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    Is This The Correct Address To Contact Neerup? Otherwise known as Peder Jeppesen. I bought a pipe that might have a QC issue and I haven't got a response. It hasn't quite been a week yet but I just don't know if the contact info is up to date or maybe I'm supposed to use Twitter or something.
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    Bent Canadian?

    I know the mind of every Canuck would fit that description, but have you ever seen a Canadian shaped Pipe with a Bent Stem? The subject comes up because I just got some replacement stems from China and of course the tenons are ALL different from the diameter stated when I bought them, luckily...
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    Eliminate Smell In Acrylic Stem With Hydrochloric Acid

    A neat little trick I just discovered. After buying a $45 Chinese made Tobacco pipe (very well crafted) I was horrified at the garbage fire smell that saturates the box it was shipped in (nasty cheap plastic, I have no idea how they can so consistently find plastic that smells so shockingly...
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    MasterCard Stealing Your Money

    I just ran through my numbers for the year, I have paid exactly for what I purchased, yet they say I owe $13... somehow. Customer support gracefully ran me through their numbers, MasterCard calculates the amount you owe based on last month's amount owing plus what you owe now, and by some...
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    Forced Patina on Silver

    I've had this Ferndown Bulldog is a little over a year old now, and over the last year I've found that I've never really been happy with a silver maintenence schedule. I know, polish it every day, or every week, or something... Not happening. So for the last eight months I had a thick coating...
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    A Little Sanding Goes a Long Way

    I was playing with some pipes the other day, and sort of being in a "while I'm at it" mood, I decided to start cutting the finish on a cheap Brebbia I picked up a while ago (the pipe is about 5.5" long and I carved the inner bowl diameter to 1" wide). At first I said "Oh, I'll just rough it up a...
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    Share Your New Lat-Bomb Ideas

    The latest "Top Five English Blends" thread has me thinking. I think we need a Latakia blend that actually punches you in the gut and knocks you out of your shoes. Ten Russians is fine, and Pirate Kake is all well and good, but I want something truly legendary, since I'm usually only getting one...
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    50% Carter Hall 50% Latakia

    Is definitely too much Latakia, it was either just salty or bitter. Hard to get flavor out of. I blended it down with some Five Brothers and Butternut Burley (probably down to 20% Lat at that point) and it was good. The moral of the story is: I don't think Carter Hall makes a good base for a...
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    Fighting Tongue Bite With Water?

    The title isn't entirely accurate to what I'm trying to get across but it's the best I can do without saying "Drinking Water With Your Pipe", which would just give people all sorts of crazy ideas. I'm still learning the ropes, but last year I didn't seem to get as severe a reaction to my pipes...
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    Sept 2015 Upgrade

    They let you sort by Eleven different variables now!