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  1. PipesRock

    Sad News, Harris Has Passed

    Larger than life awesome presence here on the forums. It's strange to feel sorrow for a forum member 'friend' but wow, Harris will be greatly missed!! I'm praying for the lamenting his family and several of you his personal friends now navigate.
  2. PipesRock

    What Was/Is Your Nickname?

  3. PipesRock

    David McCullough Passed Away at Age 89.

    I'm not a prolific reader like some here but consider John Adams a top 10 lifetime read. Outstanding historical story telling.
  4. PipesRock

    How to Buy a New Grabow

    Good question and I too am stealing some of the response info here. I'm also thinking a quick phone call to Smokingpipes from a regular customer followed by the emailed picture might be able to yield the desired model. No experience on that or Grabows specifically, but I've had good service...
  5. PipesRock

    Mason Jars - 12 Pks. Buy One, Get One Free. Only $7.00 Shipping.

    Thanks for this... I kind of overstocked Ball Jar wide mouth lids while jars were constantly out of stock last year. I'm not concerned with heat so even if lids get tossed it may be worth a go.
  6. PipesRock

    Greetings and Salutations from Florida!

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy.
  7. PipesRock

    An Acquisition With A Story

    Awesome pipe and backstory. Enjoy it in good health!
  8. PipesRock

    Watch City Slices Discontinued

    It is what it is and couldn't have known the 10oz grabbed with the pound of Simply Orange would be my last. As others mentioned, I respect the reasons for the decision for sure. Not to mention I'm sure whatever Ernie comes up with next I'll have to grab a couple pounds of that too.
  9. PipesRock

    Lakelands: Let's Build A Sauce Scale

    Stonehenge Feb 2022 batch (1st tin of the batch tried anyway) straight up delicious Virginia topped with chocolate, perhaps slight nuttiness from the Burley. Zero Lakeland. Still quite enjoyable as the quality soft 'brown' Virginias steal the show. Could be a batch thing of course but drops...
  10. PipesRock

    Reliable Soft Flame Pipe Lighters

    IM Corona Pipemaster. 1 year in... lights first time, every time.
  11. PipesRock

    What Spirits?

    El Tesoro Extra Anejo. The Agave, earth, slight grassy, caramel, clean flavors all shine when sipped neat or with a lime twist. My go to is bourbon sometimes scotch but with a pipe it's black coffee or infrequently this Tequila.
  12. PipesRock

    Frequent Changes in Taste?

    Mood? It's affected my tastes at times. Definitely agree with above posts too... a few days break, scrips, sinuses, clean pipes, etc. UNLESS you're talking Capstan Blue. Then I have no idea as two tins are heaven while the next is warm air. So I just stash away 1/3 more than I want. ;)
  13. PipesRock

    What Underrated Blends in Production do You Now Cellar?

    Cut Virginia Plug Brown Flake (Unscented) De Luxe Navy Rolls Balkan Supreme Luxury Bullseye Flake underrated?? Louisiana Broken Flake, maybe, but not too underrated.
  14. PipesRock

    What's your Favorite Coffee Mug?

    30 years with this mug. Use it all the time not just Christmas. I'm not sure what I like about it other than many happy family memories. This is actually my just in case of breakage duplicate I found a few years ago on eBay.
  15. PipesRock

    Tell Me about Sutliff Match Victorian

    Excellent blend for sure. On the plumy sweeter side rather than peppery as far as a VaPer goes. I've got a few pounds tucked away.
  16. PipesRock

    Everybody, Please have a Smoke for My Buddy Kane!

    Very sorry for your loss. RIP Kane.
  17. PipesRock

    Florida Home Inventory Completed (Almost)

    Love the setup and organization. Enjoy... like I need to say that, ha!
  18. PipesRock

    MacBaren's Royal Twist Returns on April 6th

    Skipping this. I hit the Please sale very hard and still giving the wallet CPR.
  19. PipesRock

    Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage With A Pipe

    Coffee, whole bean fresh ground, several brand favorites including Dunkin. Hot and black by the pot.
  20. PipesRock

    Man Cave Finally Complete

    Love it. "Welcome to Papa's Man Cave" is an excellent touch too. Enjoy!