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    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2022?***

    Overall fit and drilling is about as good as any Savinelli, though I think the slot on a Tsuge pipe is cut with more care than your average factory pipe. It's really bizarre that the price rocketed up so fast, it makes me wonder if they've gone out of production because otherwise you can still...
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    It's 30°F Outside.

    When I want to smoke a pipe in -30C I wear long underwear and two sweatpants under my size 50 jeans, a T-shirt and long sleeve nylon shirt and a sweater under my heavy winter coat, then the jumbo boots with sheepskin liners, and a full sheepskin head cover. At that point I can hold my pipe with...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2022?***

    First pipe in over a month. Last month I tried starting a campfire along with my pipe and almost started a grass fire, but now with the world covered in solidified water I can make campfires anywhere and everywhere to my heart's content and just walk away from a burning log care free. Tonight I...
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    Chasing an Experience, Am I Just New?

    Try re-hydrating your Nightcap. Enlgish blends taste different dry vs. moist.
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    A New Addition to My Rotation: Match Victorian

    This one was love at first puff for me.
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    Family Insults

    I much prefer to think of pipes as a "Dad" thing, physiologically Nicotine (and the carcinogens from smoke in general) does have an impact on your genetic health and technically the human race will be most healthy of people don't consume Nicotine until after they're done having kids.
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    PSA for USA Mail-in Ballot Voters

    Surely there is a third option? Duopoly schemes are upheld by the tendency that people hate losing control more than anything else no matter how much it hurts. The average voter will say electing your favorite devil is better than allowing someone else to elect their devil into office, when...
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    Maddness in Oz...

    The crazy thing is you're still allowed to eat Vegemite in public.
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    Does anyone get a sore neck/throat/lymph nodes after smoking too much?

    The back of my mouth always gets sore and my voice goes all crackly, but I don't get soreness down my neck.
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    So-So Smoke, Awesome Aftertaste

    This is how I describe a good mature VaPer like SG St. James Flake. Lightly sweet in the smoke, but some creamy after taste lingers for the rest of the day.
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    Big Blond Kitty is Hungry...

    I'm all for cohabitation with lethally dangerous wildlife, it's going to be very entertaining. (Seriously though I love big cats and it's very encouraging to hear their population is recovering.)
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    Amazon's Rings of Power.

    Tolkein expressly disliked allegory though, so I don't see how that is relevant here.
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    Innovations In Pipe Smoking - Is Design Dead?

    I can pretty well guarantee they would be using candles or a hot coal from the fire pit, starting anything on fire with flint is a huge challenge.
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    Amazon's Rings of Power.

    Yup, Disney/Amazon are just footing the bill for a lame attempt at social manipulation right now. (I also never watched the last two Hobbit movies, the new Amazon abomination is an easy skip.)
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    Innovations In Pipe Smoking - Is Design Dead?

    Consider that all the pipes the Indians used were really long, I wonder if that isn't a functional design more than aesthetic.
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    New Member from Canada

    Welcome! And so sorry to hear you (and I) are stuck in the least pipesmoking friendly nation in the world. May our luck hold out as long as possible.
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    Shining Sterling Silver the Free & Easy Way

    If you want to electrochemically reverse tarnish you touch the silver to a piece of aluminium while submersed in hot water (lightly salted), the only problem is if the tarnish is too thick you will get a lumpy finish because of too many atoms jumping around at once, also it's hard to apply this...
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    Better inexpensive pipe

    Buy a Rossi and use a 5/32" drill bit to clean the bowl coating out of the draft hole, at that point you'll have 99% of what makes a good pipe. Remember Rossi pipes are all still produced from the Savinelli factory out of the same stock of Briar, cheap pipes are just sold as such when they have...
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    Good And Bad Smokers

    If all pipes had an airway as even and smooth as a drinking straw then that analogy would be correct, but pipes drilled with such precision are the exception rather than the rule. So then you have to ask: "What is the penalty for pipe with only average drilling?" An airway that is rough or...
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    Ruminations on the Porosity of Briar

    Thermodynamics demands equilibrium, if you chemically remove the surface oil from a piece that is saturated then the dry surface will quickly become re-saturated with oils from inside. Regardless of the concept that wood becomes totally saturated, as long as the outer surface was saturated...