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  1. ontario

    Thank you

    Thanks to Kevin and new Sebastian Beo smooth billiard just arrived and it's a Beauty.Will take pics when my camera is fixed.Thanks again.
  2. ontario

    Harrods pipe

    Does anyone here know anything about them? Pipe says Harrods,Knightsbridge London.
  3. ontario

    Beat P's 2

    Figured I should change the discussion to here.Never refurbed a pipe and don't have the tool's so they are rough.My first one need's alot of work but smokes great.Number 2,this was a smooth finish but was so beat I tried to use a dremel on it "won't do that again,thing skipped and jumped all...
  4. ontario

    Beat Pete's

    8 real beat up Pete's,1 kind of cool MM cob,1 Briar says G02 Toronto and a noname.Petes are really beat so will clean them up for myself or giveaways.Missing stems are soaking.All for 12 bucks at the flea market. Edit: Fixed pics. M
  5. ontario

    Which Aero?1Q or McB vanilla

    If you were going to buy a pound would it be 1Q or McBaren vanilla cream?
  6. ontario

    Buttered Rum

    I have tried the MrB's made by Brighams up here in Canada and the Altadis made in the States and enjoyed them both.Any of you Folks tried other Buttered Rum mixtures you enjoyed?Or didn't enjoy.
  7. ontario

    Aro's after English

    I notice if I have a bowl of English tobacco then an Aro the Aro has much more it just the English wakes up my tastebuds first?
  8. ontario

    She got me this

    No name *made in Denmark*...smokes great...Love this Woman :)
  9. ontario

    Cracker Jacks

    When I was young my Grandfather used to smoke a pipe tobacco that had the aroma and flavor of Cracker Jacks...Any ideas what it might have been?
  10. ontario

    $100 combo

    If you were buying your first decent pipe and 2oz of tobacco what would you buy...I own one old yello bole and smoking borkum riff *gag* so anything would be better.