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  1. The Amish Tyrant

    Favorite Jarred Salsa

    I'm a sucker for chips and salsa in Mexican restaurants. I'll fill up and take my meal home if needed and think it is a crime when they charge for even the first basket. On occasion, I'll make restaurant style salsa at home with canned tomatoes, chopped onions, fresh or pickled jalapenos, and...
  2. The Amish Tyrant

    Store Bought Summer Sausage

    I love charcuterie. Salami, prosciutto, honey and smoked ham, and summer sausage. My favorite is at a small butcher shop in Saginaw called Ted's Meat. The summer sausage and beer sticks (think salami beef sticks) are excellent. However, I live about 90 minutes away and Ted's doesn't ship...
  3. The Amish Tyrant

    Leather Pipe Stand Hack

    I stumbled across something and figured I'd share with the class. Leather pipe stands look nice but can be a little costly. Amazon sells leather headstock straps for just over $1 a piece and they are available in several colors. Normally, the straps are meant for guitars, but they can be...
  4. The Amish Tyrant

    History of the Dragon Claw

    I'm curious how the dragon claw became a common theme and design for meerschaum pipes. While they don't necessarily catch my eye to own, I do like the design. I tried searching online for the history, but came up relatively dry. Any thoughts?
  5. The Amish Tyrant

    Brand Name Loyalty

    I'm not particularly loyal to any brand name (except my cigarettes). Generic usually gets the job done for cheaper, allowing me to spend more on vices, projects around the house, or my daughter. However, my daughter's mother is a name brand junkie who often times buys another product despite...
  6. The Amish Tyrant

    Czech Basket Pipe

    Here is a picture of my first pipe, bought about 22 years ago at Campbell's Smoke Shop in East Lansing. It's a no-name basket pipe that took abuse when starting out, hinernated for years, and smokes well. Small, yet a work horse, I use it for smaller smokes and stout tobacco (like the small...
  7. The Amish Tyrant

    Made in Michigan

    I was made in Michigan. Born in Detroit, grew up in the suburbs, went to school in East Lansing and stayed in the Capital Area for 18 years, then moved back to the suburbs in the same neighborhood I grew up in. I also enjoy vacationing in the Mitten State with small weekend excursions to...
  8. The Amish Tyrant

    Peterson 2022 Halloween Pipe

    Rumor is Peterson will be releasing a 2022 Halloween pipe soon. Think 2022 St. Patrick's Day pipe, but with an electric orange stem instead of green. Black bowls with silver mounts. Stay tuned.
  9. The Amish Tyrant

    Peterson 2022 Christmas Pipe

    SPC will release Peterson's 2022 Christmas pipe at 6pm on 9/13/22. This year's pipe features a deep rustic (or smooth) look with a burgundy stain, copper bands, and fishtail stems. They look "elegant" (and I would share the link but my skills are horrible on a cell phone). Rumor is SPC will...
  10. The Amish Tyrant

    Golden Age of Pipe Tobacco

    Threads often arise discussing discontinued blends and recreations or match blends. A group of members here even enlisted the help of a living legend and supertaster to bring back War Horse. Also, codger blends from yesteryear are still going strong. Yet, the current tobacco selection seems...
  11. The Amish Tyrant

    Golden Age of Pipes

    After seeing the high end pipe thread with pipes from various dates and makers, including a few factory pipes, what era/period would you consider the Golden Age for tobacco pipes? I enjoy some of the newer craftsmanship and that of old. I also like the look of combining the two, such as saving...
  12. The Amish Tyrant

    Favorite Frozen Pizza

    I keep a few frozen pizzas on hand for busy week nights. My gauge is Little Caesars (a Michigan pizza chain) offers Hot and Ready pizzas that are awaiting you in a "hot box" for $5 (large cheese or pepperoni) with certain upgrades (extra pepperoni or stuffed crust) amounting to a pizza night for...
  13. The Amish Tyrant

    Peterson Pipes, the P-Lip, and Army Mounts

    I'm intrigued by Peterson pipes, although I have yet to find a recent shape that catches my eye. I gather Peterson pipes are a love or hate thing and want to avoid Peterson bashing. However, I would like to know more about the P-Lip and Army mounts aspects of them. Advantages, disadvantages, or...
  14. The Amish Tyrant

    Codger Blend as a Daily Smoke

    I enjoy Virginia's and Burley's with some English blends when the mood hits. However, my "go to" daily smoke tends to be Half and Half. Classic, slightly sweet, decent nicotine fix, tasty, and tends to never let me down. I always come back to Half and Half and enjoy it when nothing else sounds...
  15. The Amish Tyrant

    BLT Versus Club Sandwich

    I love sandwiches and can't name just one favorite. However, two classics at the top of the list are a BLT and Club. Simple, satisfying, and delicious. Similar in nature, the two sandwiches are literally separated by a slice of bread (with the Club usually being a double decker) and turkey or...
  16. The Amish Tyrant

    Returning Members

    The recent thread about a "missing" forum member and the sudden return of @Richmond B. Funkenhouser got me wondering: how many members left the forum for a lengthy period of time? Why did you leave? What made you come back?
  17. The Amish Tyrant

    Ropes and Twists

    I am interested in ropes and twists, but find they are typically out of stock. What are some ropes or twists that are more easily found? Obviously, the coins by Mac Baren, Newminster, and Stokkebye are wonderful and usually available. But I am more interested in trying whole ropes or twist tobacco.
  18. The Amish Tyrant

    Preparing a Plug

    I picked up a few plugs from the Cascadia line and Peterson 3P. I also have a War Horse Bar floating around somewhere. They are enjoyable as a dense, slow smoking tobacco (when I have time). I've been shaving slices off the plug (although not as thin as I'd probably prefer) and occasionally...
  19. The Amish Tyrant

    To All the Fathers

    My father was diagnosed with game over cancer 13 years ago and given 3 months to live. He cheated death and stole life for an additional 3 months before passing at 58 years old, like his father and grandfather before him. My father and I didn't see eye to eye while I was growing up. The...
  20. The Amish Tyrant

    Haunted Bookshop Cake

    Cornell and Diehl just announced they are releasing Haunted Bookshop in cake form. While not a fan of the ribbon cut (despite wanting to be), it's a neat concept and could possibly lead to other cake releases.