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  1. tennsmoker

    Mold Question

    I had a catastrophic ceiling leak in a main store room with my pipes and tobacco this morning. The store room is my main tobacco cellar. I am devastated. The tins of tobacco appear to be just wet on the outside. I’m just not sure about the many jars I have in that room. But, my pipes must have...
  2. tennsmoker

    Just Curious about Chuck Stanion at P&T

    I just read the Fall Issue of P&T. Chuck Stanion, longtime editor, is leaving his post at the magazine, he writes in his column. Says its family reasons. But he says he will still be connected to pipes and tobacco. Anybody have a handle on this piece of news. I have known and read Chuck a long...
  3. tennsmoker

    What Happened to Sutliff’s Count Pulaski?

    I must have missed it, but what happened to Sutliff’s Count Pulaski? I saw somewhere the Count had a name change to Kasimir. Can’t find the Count or Kasimir anywhere. Did Altadis take over Sutliff’s Count Pulaski? Or did the blend just head over the cliff? I admit, I am confused. Can anyone...
  4. tennsmoker

    Smoking Director's Cut

    This morning, I think I found Valhalla. I loaded up my Northern Briars Canadian Rox Cut Premier (Ian Walker makes one of the finest pipes on the planet!), with HU's Director's Cut. I used the Frank method of loading in the beautiful little DC's coins. If you aren't familiar with the Frank...
  5. tennsmoker

    The Einstein

    [img]Boswell's Pipes I just received my "Einstein" pipe from Boswell's Pipes. J.M. calls it a "nose warmer." It smokes like a champ with some of J.M.'s "Pom Holiday" aro, which was a gift ounce from the company. Honest, I have no stock in Boswell's, but if you haven't tried dealing with them...
  6. tennsmoker

    Copper Cookware for Blending Recipes Question

    I'm not sure that I have seen this asked before. If so, I apologize. I just purchased a small copper cookware bowl. I have always thought it would be neat to blend tobacco recipess in a copper bowl and watch the bowl change colors, like a meerschaum, over time. Now I'm beginning to wonder if the...
  7. tennsmoker

    New Two Cousins 12-Pipes Rack

    Well, I apologize for messing up the photo and then losing all the copy. Essentially, this is my first Two Cousins 12-pipe rack and it is a beauty. Also, you'll note the St. Bruno Flake and RR. I figured if I were going to go down in flames, it was going to be tasty flames.
  8. tennsmoker

    New Decatur Pipe Rack

    Just thought I’d show off this new pipe rack by Decatur from P&C. The rack holds 9 pipes of various sizes. It is solidly made and the shipping care was just excellent from P&C. It had enough bubble wrap to safeguard crystal. Now, all I gotta do is get a few more of these babies to pull all of...
  9. tennsmoker

    Russ’ Lakeland Brindle

    I read on Facebook the other day where Russ Ouellette created a Match for Condor. The writer said it was “Lakeland Brindle.” Does anyone know if Russ did indeed create a Condor match and is it still around? I checked P&C web site and could not find a listing for Lakeland Brindle. But having...
  10. tennsmoker

    I am in Love

    I just lost a long post on my new Northern Briars Sea Shell Group 5 Roc Cut Premier. I’ll cut this short: it is a marvelous new pipe. Smokes brilliantly. I am breaking it in with 15-year-old McClelland’s Christmas Cheer from my cellar. Ian Walker, who knew the late Bill Ashton Taylor, makes a...
  11. tennsmoker

    Hearth & Home Pipe Lighter

    This is not a condemnation of the lighter. Repeat, not a condemnation, criticism, or anything other than wondering if any of you have gotten one of these lighters. P&C, whom I love dealing with, sends the lighter if you order 16oz of bulk tobacco. I, accordingly, ordered Anni Kake, which I also...
  12. tennsmoker

    The Custom-Bill's Smoking Qualities

    Since my last post to introduce my latest acquisition, the Custom-Bill Pipe, sanctioned and authorized by the North American Society of Pipe Collectors, I have to report that its smoking qualities are at the very top of the list of the pipes I own! But you would have to expect that from the...
  13. tennsmoker

    Custom-Bill Pipes from NASPC

    I just received my Custom-Bill pipe, named in honor of the late William E. Unger, Jr., the longtime Secretary/Treasurer and editor of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors newsletter. Dr. Bill Unger, Ph.D., English, Ohio State University, loved the old Custom-Bilt pipes by Tracy Mincer...
  14. tennsmoker

    A New Rad Davis on the Way

    Well, I just had to do it. I have purchased my first Rad Davis pipe. It was such a pleasure to work with Bobby Nesbitt at Two Friends Pipes at Rattlesnake Crossing in Sandersville, Ga. Not only that, Bobby is sending me a little of his "cooked" Virginia flake tobacco with which to break in the...
  15. tennsmoker

    That Must-Have English Blend

    I have an Upshall 1986 A Grade Billiard Liverpool sitter arriving soon. Unsmoked and in the box! I am very excited about this pipe. I do not own an Upshall. It is advertised as being constructed of 100-year-old briar. We shall see. My question today is this: I would like to smoke English Blends...
  16. tennsmoker

    The Tennessee Black Widow Cob

    I have been meaning to write a review of my SmokingDragon cob for a month now. A lot of life has intervened in between the time I received the pipe from (Scott)The Smoking Dragon until now. Just one quick family thing and I’ll move on to the review: My daughter, who lives in Boulder, Colo...
  17. tennsmoker

    Dragon Custom Cob on the Way

    Just got a note from theSmokingDragon that my custom cob will be in the mail Monday. I can’t wait. It is based on Scott’s black widow color scheme in the 5th Avenue Cob design. See Roth's SD Custom Cob. To say that I’m excited is an understatement. I am jacked! As soon as it arrives, there will...
  18. tennsmoker

    A Big Thank You

    I just want to say thank you to the wise men and women of this forum for dispensing sound and helpful advice. I have taken the information here and am in the process of trying to rehab two of my very oldest pipes: a Mountbatten pot and a BBB pot. Mountbatten, as you may know, was considered a...
  19. tennsmoker

    What to Do?

    I tried to find the answer to this question in the forum search engine. I may have overlooked it, and if so, I really apologize. I just noticed that some of my older pipes, that have been stored in an open closet which does get some sunlight, have white spots of mold on the top of the bowl...
  20. tennsmoker

    Calabash Pipes Appears to Be Hacked

    I don't know if any others have attempted to go to the House of Calabash website this morning, but here's what you will find: "Hacked by Dark Knight Sparda" #BD Black Hat #Bangladeshi Hacker Contact: I hope someone far more knowledgeable than I knows what to do. Maybe...