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    Baccyflaps for sale at Chicago Show

    I will have two Parker Baccyflaps for sale at the Chicago show this week.
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    Chicago Pipe Show Transportation

    Would appreciate any suggestions for getting from Midway airport to the Pheasant Run Resort for the Chicago Pipe show on Thursday April 30. The resort tells me that public transportation is not very good. Can't believe that with this event there isn't something set up.
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    Ebay seller Pipes-Estate

    Anybody have experience with this ebay seller?
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    Barling quaint

    Ever seen a quaint stamped this way?
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    More Barlings

    What a week it's been. A lot of Barlings showing up on the web and elsewhere. I came across two that were particularly nice: Pre-transition Barling's Make YOW Special in about a M-L size (a smaller pipe) that was virtually unsmoked. This pipe has the Pre-transition stampings along with the...
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    Eltangs and Adam Davidson-Smaller Pipes

    Lately I've been moving more towards smaller pipes. Especially good with aged Virginia Flakes. I find that I smoke slower and longer than with my midsized pipes. Plus, they are so lightweight. Here are two Eltangs, both with his signature rustication. The Sailor, with carbon fibre stem, utilizes...
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    Barling Acquisitions-Part Deux

    Took a few more pictures of the Barlings. The cased set stamp that was discussed is clearly a S.M. and I believe that this is for small. The pipes are 5" in length and perfect for my Virginia Flakes. There was little to no use, so cleaning was a breeze. The panel is a octagon. I will need some...
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    Barlings Additions

    I'd like to post some recent pre-trans Barlings additions. Any help on how to do this? Richard
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    Stain Rubbing Off

    I have been smoking pipes for a number of years and have a collection of mostly high-grade pipes in a variety of finishes. Recently I acquired an English estate that appeared to have been restained, as the red understain did not show through the final black stain one would expect in a 60+ year...