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  1. damacene

    The One Smoke Gentlemen

    I often hear of the old masters who only smoked one blend. Tolkien is famous for Capstan blue, C.S. Lewis for Three Nuns etc. I've found the blend hopping and TAD a tad obnoxious within myself. I've loved English tobaccos with buttery sour orientals, had an affair with the nutty rich goodness...
  2. damacene

    B&M Haul

    I walked in to a local cigar shop to see if they had any pipe tobacco...needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. The guy working there said they like to have pipe tobacco in stock but it doesn't sell. The golden sliced is dated 2013, Racing Green and Mellow Mixture 2014, Jacknife 2018, and I...
  3. damacene

    Esoterica Blends

    I've never had the pleasure of trying any of these but I found out a family member will be traveling across the pond and asked if I'd like anything from merry old England. Are Esoterica blends readily available or are they still a rare find even in their home country?
  4. damacene

    Tongue Fatigue

    Hello everyone I've been smoking a pipe and lurking these forums off and on a little over a decade. I recently decided to take the occasional pipe up a few levels and have been smoking daily. I've been smoking a lot of C&D burleys as of late but today decided to sample a few different types of...