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  1. shaneireland

    What Do You Think This Means If Anything?

    Others have already suggested some factors that are very much at play and true, but I still figured I should chime-in with some clarification. Specifically that the number of pipes you quoted today (3 pieces marked 'new', around noon EST) are leftovers from the total of 12 American estates...
  2. shaneireland

    Savinelli - Annoying Experience

    I'm glad we got you squared away for the upcoming trip, but I wanted to chime-in and say that it looks like the Autograph should be an easy repair, which I'm fairly certain we can handle without sending it back to the manufacturer. Typically we do need to inspect a pipe before we know exactly...
  3. shaneireland

    C&D Folklore

    This is true. As a retailer, it definitely doesn't do any good to give a negative review of a product that we sell. Aside from that, the reasons you never hear me review anything negatively are the same reasons I don't score the products that I "review." This whole thing is so subjective and I...
  4. shaneireland

    Dunhill now made in Italy?

    Yeah, there's no truth to this. These sort of rumors surface from time to time (we've heard some truly ridiculous theories over the years regarding other brands), but it's just not true. Dunhill moved many years ago from their more central location to North East London, but they have always been...
  5. shaneireland

    If You Had to Choose Only One Tobacco

    McConnell's Scottish Flake.
  6. shaneireland

    Allergic To Red Virginia

    TL;DR for this thread: -Grades of VA are muddier than you might think -Red VA is in a ton of blends -Hardly anyone discloses all of the components used in their blends -Red VA is in a ton of blends, even if not specifically mentioned on the label -Getting old hurts real bad -Red VA is in a...
  7. shaneireland

    Andreas Bennwik

    I’m a big fan of Andreas’ work and he’s easily one of the most underrated artisans of the past few years. He’s an extremely talented visual artist/graphic designer and it shows in his pipes. This piece is a great find!
  8. shaneireland

    How Thick is Pipe Smoke?

    Do it! It's an excellent investment whether you smoke indoors, or you make a ton of curry/stir fry :LOL:
  9. shaneireland

    How Thick is Pipe Smoke?

    Whether or not to smoke in your apartment is entirely up to you, of course. The worst that can happen is that someone snitches and you have to stop (maybe security deposit is at risk). I smoked many hundreds of bowls in my old apartments and didn’t lose my deposit, nor did anyone notice. Same...
  10. shaneireland

    New Lights in Pipe Display Cabinet.

    Very cool! I really need to do something about the lack of pipes on display around here... Most of my pipes are in a few shoeboxes in the closet ?‍♂️
  11. shaneireland

    Your Go to Morning Blend

    First smoke of the day? Toscano Soldati/Toscano Classico ?? 20-year-old Brown Clunee works, too.
  12. shaneireland

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    I smoke too damn much and I rarely remember to document the “exceptional” experiences. Just enjoyed a Warped La Colmena Unico Especial from a few years back. One of the best smokes I’ve ever had!
  13. shaneireland

    Allergic To Red Virginia

    Blending and the marketing of those blends has never been a fully transparent thing. Some companies more so than others, sure. As much as it pains me to say (HA!), BROBS is basically correct here. Being sensitive to a component is one thing, but being allergic to one grade of VA and not others...
  14. shaneireland

    Let's See Your Pups!

    Best. Thread. Ever. We became a two-beagle household last year. Our youngest is Buckley and he turned 1 year-old a few days ago. His big brother Bubba just turned 11... Here’s the baby the day we brought him home, and a more recent picture of the brothers hanging out. The little guy is much...
  15. shaneireland

    New Peterson At SmokingPipes Europe ?

    Great pipe! And I'm really glad it arrived quickly. I hope that transit times will continue to improve over the coming months, but the bar was pretty low earlier on during the pandemic...
  16. shaneireland

    Would You Buy a Semi-Handmade Former For $530?

    Oh, you’ll get no complaints from me regarding an opportunity to debate ? But in all seriousness, I just want people to know the truth and I also think it’s important to support the pipe community and its craftspersons. I love all kinds of pipes and buy them for different reasons. Not everyone...
  17. shaneireland

    Would You Buy a Semi-Handmade Former For $530?

    Pipes are not art, though. At least not entirely. And the crafting of a pipe is much different than what goes into sculpture, painting, or even song writing, etc. I’m not minimizing the creative nature of the craft, but they are objects that have to function a certain way, unlike most of the...
  18. shaneireland

    Do You Buy New Pipes To *Not* Smoke Them?

    I’m only interested in pipes that will make the rotation, which saves me from buying a lot of beautiful pipes that are impractical for my needs (usually either too heavy, or with large chambers). My collection has gotten to the point where I usually have between 2-6 unsmoked pipes at any given...
  19. shaneireland

    Dunhill Shilling Pipe

    Very nice! "Shilling" is a designation for pipes in the Cumbelrand finish that have exceptional grain. It's the Cumberland's version of the Shell Briar "Ring Grain" and they're priced with a premium compared to their counterparts. The one you have was made in 1996 and it's a lovely shape...