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  1. johnsteam86

    PAD Strikes Again

    Well just added 3 more MM Ozarks to the collection. One regular size straight and 2 minis for Mini Cooper.
  2. johnsteam86

    Has Anyone Tried Villiger English Export?

    Just ordered another English blend and was wondering if anyone has tried this one before. Drexel makes a really good English blend for an all day smoke and was wondering if Villiger is comparable to it. If you have what did you think of it? Would you buy it again?
  3. johnsteam86

    P&C Strikes Again

    Well I was going to hold off till about the end of the month for another order from P&C but I got compelled to look at their site this morning for reasons that can only be described as PAD & TAD. Opening the webpage they have the lovely cycles what is on sale which I normally look past cause...
  4. johnsteam86

    Change the Wife's Oil Find a Pipe

    So today I was changing the wife's oil in her car today and was on the way to get the socket out of the truck to take out the oil plug when low and behold out of the corner of my eye I find a pipe just laying on the ground next to my smoker. Kind of glanced at it awhile and thought " I don't...
  5. johnsteam86

    Has Anyone Looked Into Downie Pipes

    Was looking around a little bit ago at some custom pipe makers and found Downie Pipes. He has some really good work has anyone ever bought from him?
  6. johnsteam86

    Drexel VIII

    I have been asking quite a few members on here what they thought of Drexel. The really affordable pipe tobacco from STC that was made into the freebie on P&C. Well I can tell you that I just could not help myself but buy some and man am I glad I did. This was supposed to be my way into the...
  7. johnsteam86

    Copycat Pipe

    So anyone that has seen me on here knows I have a love the $4.29 MM Ozark mountain pipes. To me they are the perfect working pipe that I have found so far. If I should have happen to break one cross your fingers I do not, I can always order another one. I am thinking of making a copycat pipe...
  8. johnsteam86

    Restoring Tobacco Moisture

    So one of the pouches that I got this week was a little on the dry side. I was thinking of putting it in a pyrex bowl and covering it with a hot moist towel to try to rehydrate it. What would you recommend for rehydrating the tobacco?
  9. johnsteam86

    Might Just Finish My Cobbit Collection

    You know I have been contemplating for awhile getting some new briars but my love for the cob and MM has just been really taking over my senses lately. One of the first pipes that I ever bought was a Cobbit Shire and I just love that churchwarden. I may just spend the next couple months...
  10. johnsteam86

    Switching Away from Aromatics

    Well starting this month I decided I would try to switch away from aromatics and mainly focus the year on english blends & navy flake like tobacco. While I do enjoy the flavor that you can get from some aromatics like SWR and Ole Shenandoah sometimes the flavor itself can be a little bit well...
  11. johnsteam86

    Bell's Three Nuns (Mac Baren)

    While not the iconic Three Nuns that was supposedly smoked by the great writers C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien this Three Nuns does take the cake when it comes to a good smoke. Upon opening the the tin you get a mild smoke scent with a rush of tangy,sweet from the virginia. The overall look of...
  12. johnsteam86

    New Machinery In

    Well got my new piece of machinery in today after a 60 day wait from the factory. My second pipe that I was working on ended up having a nice sized crack a little to close to the base of the bowl that I said ahh just going to use this one to test out the new tool then just smoke it the way it...
  13. johnsteam86

    P&C Three Nuns

    Three Nuns is back in stock if anybody needs some at P&C. Can't wait for mine to come in been waiting on it for a little while since I read all of the stuff on it. I wonder how three friars is in comparison.
  14. johnsteam86

    Mr. Brog

    Does anybody have a Mr. Brog pipe? If you do what did you think of it compared to other pipe manufacturers of similar price range like Dr. Grabow or Baraccini?
  15. johnsteam86

    Conflicted on Which to Choose

    So I've been looking around to start my second rotation and right now I'm stuck on two manufacturers. Dr. Grabow and Baraccini are the two that I have narrowed it down to. Now given this one is going to be rustic but the plan for the rotation is half rustic and half smooth. If you had to...
  16. johnsteam86

    I've Seen Drexel VI A Lot On Here

    I've seen Drexel VI a lot on here lately and was wondering what everyone thought about it. I am considering ordering some next month after my Three Nuns comes in and was kind of wondering what you would describe the taste like? If you smoke it quite often do you have a specific pipe that you...
  17. johnsteam86

    What's The Weather Like In Your Area

    Hey everyone. Well we have had quite a week here in North Texas. The past week we have had a half an inch of ice followed by 6 inches of rain. Same day I might add. Power outages are still going around as the trees are not used to that much ice and are falling on the lines throughout the...
  18. johnsteam86

    Anyone Near The Weatherford Area

    Anyone near the Weatherford area want to start a pipe club?
  19. johnsteam86

    What Books Are You Reading? (2018)

    Hey everyone, What books are everyone reading to start out the new year. Mine is 48 days to the job you love. So far pretty good makes you think of whether or not you are doing it for you or by expectation. Edited by jvnshr: Title capitalization (please check Rule #9)
  20. johnsteam86

    My First Pipe

    This is the first pipe I have made. I'm still working on it but all of the work has been done with just files and a coping saw. Still have to complete the stem and finishing.