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  1. T-townrestore

    Birthday Mishap

    While going on a evening walk for some alone time on my birthday. I fumbled this pipe while crossing the street. It really bummed me out for the rest of the night, but the fallowing day I went to town on it. It fixed up nicely and removed very little material.
  2. T-townrestore

    Barling’s Make, My Latest eBay Find

    I found this Barling's Make Ye Olde Wood Straight Grain Billiard on eBay. It’s pretty rough and I know the stem isn’t original. It says JJ Fox & Co on the opposite side of the shank. Now I’ve been fix up pipes and learning a lot about them along with the does and don’ts. With this one I don’t...
  3. T-townrestore

    Show Me Your Parker Super Bruyere

    Here’s my fist Parker Super Bruyere, that I got from South Africa and fixed up
  4. T-townrestore

    Working on a Carburetor Pipe

    Hello all, I got this carbureted pipe from my dad for Christmas to fix up. I have never cleaned a bowl for with carburetor in it. Any thoughts how to clean around it?
  5. T-townrestore

    Harcourt made in England.

    I know about the freehand Harcourt, but was hoping someone would have info about the other Harcourt that was manufactured in England. They are more traditional shapes with a bull on the side of the stem.
  6. T-townrestore

    Show Us Your DIY Restorations!

    Title edited for brevity. Show off your handy work, Before and After.
  7. T-townrestore

    The Jarl I Got for 7 Bucks Before and After

    This guy was on eBay, and nobody was going for it. I figured sure why not take a chance. I’ll only be out 7 bucks. Now my only complaint is that the shipping took forever. I cleaned it up and stained it. The the whole under button was gone. So I shaped a new one. I’ll have to see how well that...
  8. T-townrestore

    Fixing up a Peterson Kapruf

    This was my first Peterson, and first ever P-lip. It wasn’t in to bad of shape mainly a good cleaning, and the lower rim had some tapping marks so I built that back up. Turned out nice I think.
  9. T-townrestore

    Restoring A WDC Milano

    I got this pipe as a freeby with the purchase of another pipe. At first I thought I would do the bare minimum, but I wouldn't have been happy with myself. So I decided to rusticate the carve triangle patterns, which turned out nicely. I was going to leave the thin boarder a natural finish and...
  10. T-townrestore

    Hello From My Little Tip of Tacoma

    Hi, I've been reading old forums that pop up from when I Google, and I figured since I read through them I might as well join. I was first introduced the pipe world from a friend back in Albuquerque around 2012(always loved the smell of pipes and cigars, pipes mainly) now nine years later I went...