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  1. wayneteipen

    What Was your First Pipe?

    A GBD Zulu that I bought as a "basket pipe" at a local B&M.
  2. wayneteipen

    What Do You Do for a Buck?

    Vascular access specialist with an emphasis on ultrasound guided vascular access now working teaching clinicians and providers vascular access procedures for a medical device company.
  3. wayneteipen

    Staining a pipe???

    Most makers use aniline dyes like Fiebings leather dye. They are the easiest to use because they are already mixed and ready to use. I use J.E. Mosers powder dyes just because it's easier (to me) to customize colors.
  4. wayneteipen

    Is Having a Rotation Necessary?

    No and no. I have a single pipe designated for English blends on the rare occasion I get the hankering for it and one designated to Bob's Chocolate Flake because of the ghosting. Other than that, my normal rotation of tobaccos compliment each other well when smoked in the same pipe. I grab...
  5. wayneteipen

    New Criteria for my Pipes.

    When I first started, my criteria was based on the pipes appearance alone. If I liked the way it looked, I bought it. Many if not most of those pipes are gone now. As I gained in experience and developed my smoking style and preferences, I found that I gravitated heavily towards very similar...
  6. wayneteipen

    Christmas Scams!!

    Now that's a scam I can appreciate!
  7. wayneteipen

    Where Do You Dump Your Ashes?

    100g empty McClelland tins indoors. I like that I can keep the lid on it so it doesn't stink up the room. When the weather is decent, I step outside and empty it on the ground. Sometimes, I let it cool then dump it in the trash.
  8. wayneteipen

    What's Your Profession?

    Vascular access specialist specializing in ultrasound guided vascular access by trade. I now work for a medical device company teaching clinicians how to perform various vascular procedures.
  9. wayneteipen

    Expanding pipe hole in stem

    You inadvertently expanded the tenon. If you heat it up gently, it should return to it's original diameter or close. Best way to open a stem airway is with a tapered 5/32" drillbit. You don't have to worry about the tenon expanding this way.
  10. wayneteipen

    An Odd Question About Virginias

    For me, it depends on the blend. I prefer red Va's because they seem the sweetest and most smooth for me. I imagine a ton of it has to do with individual chemistry and physiology.
  11. wayneteipen

    The Devil Made Me Do it!

    I've always been a fan of the B10 shape. Too big for me but I love the way it looks. Very attractive and balanced shape.
  12. wayneteipen

    Your biggest Surprise in Pipe Smoking?

    First surprise was that I couldn't appreciate the room note of pipe tobacco while smoking it. Second was that there existed a delightful and interesting community that is as obsessive and passionate about pipes and tobacco as I am.
  13. wayneteipen

    Amazon's Wheel of Time Series

    Haven't read the books so I don't have any bias. I've been watching WoT and haven't made a decision as to it's entertainment value just yet. It is difficult to be a fan of a book or series and not be critical of screen adaptations. I feel the same way about The Walking Dead having been a fan...
  14. wayneteipen

    How Dry is Too Dry?

    It's too dry if it turns to dust when you handle it or pinch it. If it mostly holds it's form, I smoke it. It will rehydrate as you smoke by absorbing the moisture from combustion. It does loose a little flavor initially but picks up as it rehydrates in my experience. This is especially true...
  15. wayneteipen

    Can you help me ID this beautiful pipe?

    A lot of pipemakers hand etch their mark on very early pipes they make before they invest in a stamp. Magnum207 may be onto something there. You might contact Roswitha at Pipes and Pleasures to see if she recognizes it. Cool pipe and story if you can track it back to a maker.
  16. wayneteipen

    Need some help identifying...

    So are those inserted in the airway? Interesting.
  17. wayneteipen

    A Slight Exaggeration Methinks.

    I can't help but imagine her uterus prolapsing with the slightest sneeze or hiccup.
  18. wayneteipen

    Pipe Cleaners?

    BJ Long regulars for me. They do shed more than other brands but I just de-shed them by pulling them through my thumb and forefinger a few times. Not a big deal since they are cheaper.
  19. wayneteipen

    Is this normal?

    Not a fan of how Peterson bent pipes are drilled. Airway off center in the bottom of the mortise can definitely result in a pipe having a tendency to smoke wet. There's a proper way to drill bent pipes and this isn't it. It can be improved by ramping the airway. This is best done by a...