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  1. The Amish Tyrant

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2022?***

    I know you dedicate pipes to certain blends and read you had a nude meerschaum. This combo (and the coloring) just plain work aesthetically. Brilliant!
  2. The Amish Tyrant

    Table Drinkers

    Agree to disagree. George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer -...
  3. The Amish Tyrant

    Table Drinkers

    You and I apparently drink for different reasons. And I don't need a wife at home (or at all) to be happy. Different strokes, I guess. I just need food and silence with some reading, bourbon, and nicotine thrown in for good measure.
  4. The Amish Tyrant

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2022?***

    Another Arrowhead fan hear. It's my favorite aromatic and I'm guessing most pipe smokers from or in Michigan would agree. To those who left Michigan or are interested in trying this kitchen sink aromatic, with vanilla, carmel, black Cavendish, burley, Virginia, and a touch of Latakia that's...
  5. The Amish Tyrant

    Table Drinkers

    I haven't been to a bar in many years. However, I had a local haunt that was a quiet dive bar. Decent tunes played at a reasonable volume and sports highlights were on the TV. I could zone out and not think (or think a lot). People mostly would leave me alone or engage in short conversations. I...
  6. The Amish Tyrant

    Cobbit Elf Corn Cob Pipe

    Do smoke it. Don't fret over it. Cobs are great smokers with very open draws (which I enjoy). They can last a lifetime, but are cheap enough not to mind if it gets lost or damaged. Some keep them as test pipes for new blends, others dedicate cobs to a particular blend so not to ghost briefs...
  7. The Amish Tyrant

    Can you spray cologne inside the bowl ?

    You mean you don't spray it where you want to be kissed? I've been doing it wrong.
  8. The Amish Tyrant

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa Thread 2022!

    I have a 3 year old that loves the Frozen series. It's actually decent. Your meme reminds me of Olaf (the snowman) trying to learn Christmas traditions and finds a family decorating a tree with candles. "So you chop down a tree and decorate its corpse with candles? . . . I love it."
  9. The Amish Tyrant

    Can you spray cologne inside the bowl ?

    First, no. Gross. Second, clean your pipe inside and out. Third, there are numerous ways to get rid of a ghost or other bad smell. Examples include a hot water flush, coffee grounds in the bowl, alcohol and elbow grease, and various other methods. This forum has many threads on each of...
  10. The Amish Tyrant

    Interested in Trying a New Aro.

    My favorite aromatic is Arrowhead from Paul's Pipe Shop in Flint. To have it shipped, you need to order by phone. The store is well worth the visit if in the Flint area. Arrowhead is a kitchen sink aromatic (think 1-Q on steroids), with vanilla, caramel, a touch of Latakia, Virginia's, black...
  11. The Amish Tyrant

    What's Not To Like?

    If all mirrors were to say "you're the fairest of them all", maybe less girls (and boys) would have self esteem issues while growing up or as adults. Myself, I'm in classic shape ... round.
  12. The Amish Tyrant

    Is there any kind of guide to C&D?

    I worked my way through some of C&D's bar with 2 ounce bulk purchases when on sale. There are several bulk blends I still haven't gotten to yet, but have a decent grasp of their bulk offerings. I'm not a huge fan and seem to lean towards Mac Barn and a few other bulk blends myself. Others love...
  13. The Amish Tyrant

    Sad News, Harris Has Passed

    This comment sums up my thoughts and feelings more precisely and to the point than any words about loss or condolence I could string together. The sun will still shine, but just not as bright.
  14. The Amish Tyrant

    Show off Your Meerschaum Claws Here!

    I recently picked up a smaller claw meerschaum pipe holding a lattice egg (but not a true lattice since the design is just impressions in the egg). The egg is meerschaum, but the claw doesn't seem to be (based on the touch test with a wet finger). It's not the most ideal, but think the pipe...
  15. The Amish Tyrant

    Northern Michigan Pipe Club, Anyone??

    Paging @Es0teric , who I believe has a pipe club Down River. I believe we have a few northern Michigan members, like @Amarkey. Arrowhead is a Flint based pipe club if I recall. You can get some information online, but Paul's Pipe Shop in Flint would be a more direct place to ask.
  16. The Amish Tyrant

    The (Un)Official PipesMagazine Secret Santa Thread 2022!

    It's a snuggle with a struggle. After all, PM can be like prison at times ... except the sex isn't as good.
  17. The Amish Tyrant


    With Ernie from WCC stating otherwise on a public forum, we have competing hearsay. I suppose it only matters if you are in the market for the blend, have the funds to purchase some but not enough for a lower range pipe, and found a retailer with the tobacco in stock and not willing to budge...
  18. The Amish Tyrant

    Best MacBaren Deal I’ve Seen

    Sutliff too. Cup O Joes has the same 30% off sale today (Monday) only. Sorry for the late notice all.
  19. The Amish Tyrant

    Samuel Gawith Tin And 250g Box Laudisi Availability List, Including 7 Plugs

    Hands to home, sir. No need to be premature. This is good news and the waiting is the hardest part.
  20. The Amish Tyrant

    "beefing up" aromatic blends

    When I want to make a blend more stout, I add some Five Brothers to the mix (usually as a parfait). Aside from the occasional parfait, I leave the blending to the masters. It's what they are paid for and what I am paying them for.