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  1. Franco

    Surviving Hurricane Ida And The Aftermath

    I moved to lower Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana after my retirement. I chose the location because of the excellent salt marsh fishing and deep sea fishing. Coastal communities always get hit the hardest by hurricanes. Ida is the most severe hurricane to ever come ashore in the state! The worse...
  2. Franco

    Here We Go Again Pt 3

    Hurricane Delta heading towards Lake Chuck again! The area was devastated only 6 weeks ago. Hang tough!
  3. Franco

    Game Time Smoke

    Looking forward to tonight's Bengals vs Browns game. Not that I'm a fan of either team, it's just that I'm a huge fan of QB Joe Burreaux. Last season, he led my college team to the greatest season ever by a college team, 15 - 0. Tigers defeated 7 Top 10 ranked teams. An accomplishment that will...
  4. Franco

    Happy Hour Hurricanes

    Man walks into Pat O'Brien's in the French Quarter and orders two Hurricanes and a Carona. Bartender says, "That'll be $20.20 :oops: Two storms headed of the southeast Louisiana coast within 48 hours of each other. I have a place of the southeast coast that is raised 14 feet above the ground...
  5. Franco

    244 Years Ago Today

    Happy 4th of July! “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.” ― Benjamin Franklin My first bowl today will be;
  6. Franco

    Fun Movies While Practicing Social Distancing

    Like many, I am practicing social distancing and staying at home. Except for putting my boat in the water and doing as little fishing and vegetable gardening, I'm pretty much bored stiff. I've watched just about everything worth watching on cable and Netflix. Then, HBO released a new movie on...
  7. Franco

    Crawfish Cornbread Pudding

    Decided to make something different for lunch today. A have some cleaned cooked tails leftover from Mardi Gras so I wanted to put them to use. Jiffy has a good on-line recipe for cornbread pudding, just add the crawfish tails and spice to taste with Zatarains Creole Seasoning. Following it up...
  8. Franco

    Greetings From The Big Easy

    I'm just a retired Broadcast Executive from New Orleans. At my age, I mostly enjoy dining and smoking. I spend most of my time now either saltwater fishing, napping or hanging out at my camp down the bayou from NOLA. I've always been a big fan of LSU Athletics(Geaux Tigers), Saints and since we...
  9. Franco

    Pipe Smoking and Football

    I was just thinking about how much I enjoyed a bowl of Escudo in the first half and Best Brown for the second half of the College Football Championship game Monday Night. Thinking about what to smoke for Sunday's NFL Conference Champ Games. Maybe start with Kajun Kake and later sip into some...
  10. Franco


    Just joined to forum. I smoke mostly aged Virginia and Perique/Virginia blends. Been smoking for several decades. Mixure 965 is OK. Much prefer Escudo!