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  1. Elric

    Cornell & Diehl Jolly Old St. Nicholas

    Drops tonight at 6:00 pm EST @ A largesse of St. Nick's personal smoking mixture, this magical blend combines the finest golden Virginias with mellow Black Cavendish and a whisper of genuine St. James Perique for complex tobacco flavor enhanced by notes of orange liqueur and...
  2. Elric

    Mac Baren Burley London Blend Available!

    I'm sure most of you got the morning email but for everyone else, the 2022 version of MB Burley London Blend is once again available at
  3. Elric

    Amusing Accessory

    So I pulled the trigger on one of these as I was placing an order with MM anyways. Basically a custom-printed ball jar lid with a plastic/nylon base. Solidly built, inexpensive, and available in your choice of several colors. I think it will be useful albeit it will only hold 2 or 3 smokes...
  4. Elric

    A Modest Effort

    I had an interesting conversation via a PM with Kevin the other day. I suggested he add pipe-related terms to the site spell checker dictionary. He corrected my misunderstanding as this functionality lives in the browser. So I took it upon my self to put together a dictionary of common pipe...
  5. Elric

    Funny Notebook Cover

  6. Elric

    More Tobacco Storage Cylinders

    Amazon has them, relatively cheap if you look a bit.
  7. Elric

    Top 5 Blends To Cellar Deeply

    Mordy18 recently posted a comment about finding a blend to cellar deeply. This got me thinking (always dangerous), what are your top 5 blends to cellar deeply now, from a smoking preference perspective? Currently mine would be something like this: Newminster Superior Navy Flake Presbyterian...
  8. Elric

    Opening An Irreplaceable Tin

    We all have blends in our cellar, in varying supplies, that we simply cannot replace. What prompts you to pop a tin of the good stuff? Note that this is more than an academic topic to me as I have been staring at my two remaining tins of Bohemian Scandal. ?
  9. Elric

    Subscription Service

    I'm finding it's becoming a nuisance to be manually sending my money to Sykes needs to establish a subscription service (aka "set cellar = autobuild" mode) so the money just vanishes automagically and tobacco appears at set intervals.
  10. Elric

    B&M Tobacco Prices - Observational

    So I'm traveling and thought I would drop in on a B&M I used to frequent many years ago. Very old school place; no online shopping from their website. Perused their tobacco selection and I must observe that they are very proud of their wares if the price is any indication. I always want to...
  11. Elric

    Breakfast Blends

    Sitting here and the rare and elusive thought occured in my brainpan: what is everyone's favorite morning tobacco?
  12. Elric

    Review: And Now For Something Completely Different.

    For anyone with access to a Publix grocery store, I found the following jar available for $8.00. The picture shows it with 16 ounces of BLWB goodness. I realize this may not work for all tobaccos, what with constant opening and closing. However, for those bulk blends that seem to contain a fair...
  13. Elric

    Bothy Flake in Stock... a certain old Chicago tobacconist.
  14. Elric

    BAT Data Breach & Ransomware

    Not a vertical typically seen in such attacks but inevitable.
  15. Elric

    Feature Request: Ignore Thread

    Might just free up screen real estate for easier viewing. Cheers!
  16. Elric

    Interesting Pipe Tool

    A little bulky for jeans/shorts pockets but a great add-on to throw in a pipe bag or jacket. It's part of the Screwpop line and available, along with everything else on the planet, on the big A.
  17. Elric

    Going Without A Pipe (Oh, The Horror!)

    We've chatted recently about how long we can jokingly refrain from TAD/PAD, but how long have you gone without smoking your pipe? I don't mean quitting for a period of time in life. I mean putting it down for one reason or another ("I'm talking to you, flu!" [said in best Mr. T impression]) and...
  18. Elric

    Are Esoterica Blends Sold in Bulk?

    Esoterica Pipe Tobacco - is selling for $13/oz. Are they breaking down 8 oz. bags? Seems kinda shady if so.
  19. Elric

    Greetings from a traveling piper!

    Hey folks! I've been an piper for about 25 years. I travel a bit for work and alternate between Michigan and Florida as a home base. I used to be pretty active on ASP "back in the day" and fondly remember Sailorman Jack's daily greetings. My cellar, while far from extensive, brings me great joy...