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  1. Briar Baron

    What Cigar are You Smoking? - 2022

    My Father 1922
  2. Briar Baron

    StillWell Star. A Pipe Tobacco Cigar

    I always been a fan of Dunbarton Sobremesa, Sobremesa Brulee and Sombremesa Brulee Blue so I was watching with interest the uptake of the Stillwell Star range. I could not really decide which to try but watched how the Aromatic No1 continually was above the others on the SP top 25 cigars (as I...
  3. Briar Baron

    Wedding Cigar Help.

    My suggestion, since it is an occasion for show and there may be not be many experienced smokers, would be a mild cigar with an impressive band such as these: AJ Fernandez: New World Connecticut Robusto Cigars At $7.50 each not too expensive, box buy is even cheaper. They are 5" long, which...
  4. Briar Baron

    The Gentle Art of Smoking - Signed Copy

    Mmmm....... although mine is not signed it does say "First Published in 1954" (and no other notations) so it may be a first edition?
  5. Briar Baron

    The Gentle Art of Smoking - Signed Copy

    You got me thinking, I just looked at my signature :(
  6. Briar Baron

    New Arrival : 1909 Barling

    Yes, wow and wow! Now to try and find that secret source......... :)
  7. Briar Baron

    Extremely High Tobacco Costs in Utah

    Yes, that thrashing was a joy to watch!
  8. Briar Baron

    Breaking in a Davidoff

    Here you go, pipe is about 6" long and 1.8" high. You may be correct, the S is for Special and not Silver.
  9. Briar Baron

    Breaking in a Davidoff

    I have a 400S straight billiard. Nice light pipe, great grain, hand cut stem, it has a sterling silver band which I think is what the S stands for.
  10. Briar Baron

    Postage to Oz.

    Yes, SP super saver for pipe cleaners, filters etc is great at about $4 postage to Aus (6-7 week delay at the moment). Actually a few cigars under a certain weight can be shipped for under $10 by SP. Above a certain weight of cigars and it jumps up to $68, so I keep my orders small. Cigars...
  11. Briar Baron

    Collecting Drip Wax Pipes

    Russ Cook, this is the pipe I commissioned, wonderful in every respect!
  12. Briar Baron

    Peterson Sunset Breeze Review 2014 vs. 2019

    This is one of my favourite aromatics from Peterson (Sweet Killarney being too sweet), I tend to smoke it anytime of the year.
  13. Briar Baron

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Some of the bands come halfway down the cigar! Definitely have to remove to keep smoking.
  14. Briar Baron

    Aromatic Blend that has Depth and Complexity.

    I was thinking this way also, I could not find an aromatic that ticked all the boxes so now I always do a "blend" and depending on my mood at the time, it may be 60/40 or 40/60 (aromatic/non-aromatic).
  15. Briar Baron

    Your Favorite Tobacco Discovery of 2021

    Peter Stokkebye - Luxury Twist Flake
  16. Briar Baron

    Smokingpipes Christmas Gift

    Silver VIP, Gold friend (more than 10 years), several other Golds.......usually a Christmas card but so far not this year......I guess the distance has something to do with it.
  17. Briar Baron

    *** What Are You Drinking?*** December 2021

    6 Bottles of this quality between 4, now that is a partly!
  18. Briar Baron

    New Zealand to Ban Smoking for Next Generation in Bid to Outlaw Habit by 2025

    Cellars should have been organised 5 years ago, the writing has been on the wall for you guys and us here in Aus for a looong time. I started more than 10 years ago :)
  19. Briar Baron


    In Sydney, but previously I had the same experience, I ordered and then nothing for a while but eventually it gets in the system. I was a bit worried the first time because I am used to Smoking Pipes ordering where it is usually processed and dispatched in about 2 days, but these guys seem to...
  20. Briar Baron


    Yes, I think there is a bit of a delay from ordering and preparing it. In my case I ordered about 5 days ago and received the tracking number today (I am in Aus so maybe that system takes a bit longer to prepare for overseas customers).