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  1. jaysin

    C&D/Hermit tobacco Cpt Earl Diamond Head review

    Being a fan of Ten Russians I decided to order the other blends. Ive had this in my celler for about 3 months and thanks to Nsfisher I am geting to try it as he wanted me to keep five blends out of my celler for my self Thanks mate. Now on to the blend its self I am not sure I can write a review...
  2. jaysin

    The wife is at it again

    She is sending revealing pics to people again so i thought why not post one here for ya gyus Got ya lol have a good day guys
  3. jaysin

    Royal Yacht

    Has anyone smoked Dunhill Royal Yacht? I got a ampel sample of it and when I smelled it its not a aro its not a english or atleast what I am used to. If you have what did you think of it how did it taste?
  4. jaysin

    Raffle winners

    Would the following people contact me Tobacco Nsfisher Kaywoodie pipe Hobydog1 Pipe rack Morton Thank you all who got in on this and offered kind words. I cannot express how much you have helped me out. I hope to meet you all someday and smoke a bowl with you and Thank you personally.
  5. jaysin

    Sweet Jane review.

    Today the UPS man came with a pacckage from one of my facebook friends who sent me some samples of tobacco. Now I am NOT a fan of aromatics theres only a few I like But one of them I do like the smell of and the tast of is Cpt Black Royal. as I look through what was sent and take a smell of...
  6. jaysin

    New Disney movie must see!!!!
  7. jaysin

    Balkan Sobranie New vs Old my review

    Today a old friend came by to see me and pay respects over my fathers passing. He brought with him as a gift, a tin of Balkan Sobranie and a genrous sample of some of the orginal from the late 20s or early 30s. Having had the chance to smoke plenty of the old stuff it was time to do a back to...
  8. jaysin

    My Father

    As alot of you know my Father has been quiet ill over a month. Saddly at 1 am I got the call that he passed away at 12:58 am. I want to thank you all for your kind words and support over the last month I couldnt ask to know a better group of guys and girls. I dont know what more I can say...
  9. jaysin

    Ok I am old or something.

    I dont eat out much and when I do its hardly ever fast food as my idea of fast food is a Malard in mid flight. Anyway I took my kids and wife to see my dad as this would be prolly the last time they can make it to see him added to the fact that he is my 3 yr olds best friend and its taking a...
  10. jaysin

    Smokers Terrorists?

    Well under the smoking ban that takes effect July 1 its possable heres one of the agencies that can be used or put incharge of enforcement of the law the department of homeland security by IC 10-19-7-1 Really DHS? now this is takeing it way too far.
  11. jaysin

    Thank you all

    I just want to thank you all for your kind words and prayers for my father. Saddly he relapesed after 3 days being out of the hospital after talking to the doctors to day and some test res run it has become apparent that this is just become a cycle for him they can get him better but the...
  12. jaysin

    Intresting convo

    This morning I had a very inresting convo with a friend of mine and a unknown 18 yr old. Every morning I go down to the town park and smoke a bowl and have a cup of gas station coffee with Bill. He is a WW2 vet and a life long pipe smoker he is a recluse and dont talk to many ppl. As we sat...
  13. jaysin

    Rodney King dead

    Rodney King was found dead in the bottom of his pool. According to TMZ, King's fiancée, Cynthia Kelley, told friends King spent the bulk of Saturday drinking and "smoked marijuana at some point," before she went to went to bed at 2:00 a.m.
  14. jaysin

    Robbin Gibb R.I.P

    It saddens me to say Robbin Gibb of the bee gees has passed away after a long battle with cancer and other medical problems. He will be missed
  15. jaysin

    Thank you all

    Thank you all for your words of kindness and encouragemen. It has reall ment alot to me and even brought a tear to my eye tonight thinking back how you all commented and the tear thing dont happen often. Again thank you all maybe some day ill get to shake everyone of your hands and say thanks.
  16. jaysin

    My Father

    For those here who know that I gave up everything to take care of my dad I am sad to say things have took a turn for the worst. I am gonna be selling most of my pipes some new some used if anyone is intrested let me know and ill post them in the forsale section. I just dont want to take up space...
  17. jaysin

    My 3 yr Old Son

    Knows what a churchwarden pipe looks like by the long stems. he is sitting with a pipe catalog pointing at the churchwardens telling my wife daddy needs this one and this one and this one too. Lol its just so damn cute!
  18. jaysin

    Not Going to be Too Active

    I am not gonna be too active here for who knows how long. I have a major infection in my jaw thats not geting any better it seems. I woke up with my the left side of my face numb and not being able to tast. Well smoking a pipe seems kinda moot right now cant enjoy it.
  19. jaysin

    C&D Odessa

    So I poped a tin of C&D Odessa today and the first thing I noticed was the smell. It has a very light smoky smell not heavy in the lat dept and the Turkish stand out as the prodomnate note followed by the Latakia. In packing the bowl it seemed kind of dry dryer then what I am used to so no dry...
  20. jaysin

    Sterling tobacco and free samples Please read

    Sterling Tobacco is no longer giving out free samples. So it seems we need to amend telling people about this. I can certenly understand why Jack has done this.Just take it for what it is a sign of the times.