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  1. n_irwin

    I Thought Balkan Sobranie Was Out of Production

    I noticed today on a certain online retailer (they’re not a site sponsor so I’m not sure if it’s cool to name them) that Balkan Sobranie was for sale—$25.99 per tin, limit one per customer. Is this THE Balkan Sobranie? Is it back in production or is this old stock? I’m glad to hear your...
  2. n_irwin

    Shops in Antalya?

    I’m visiting Antalya, Turkey for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know of pipe shops in the city?
  3. n_irwin

    Zippo Maintenance

    I just finished up changing the flints and trimming the wicks on my Zippos, something I don’t remember to do often enough. What do you guys do to clean up the soot and grime in your lighters?
  4. n_irwin

    Dunhill My Mixture A-11010

    I purchased a few older Dunhill tins recently, all of them in great shape considering their age. The one that stands out to me as I smoke through them is the My Mixture A-11010, a heavy Latakia blend. From the limited information I was able to find on the internet, it seems that it was a blend...
  5. n_irwin

    GH&Co. 500g Bags

    I’m curious to know how long the tobacco in GH&Co.’s 500g bags will keep if you leave it in the bag. Am I ok to cellar it that way, or do I need to jar it before putting it in the cellar? And to be clear, I’m talking about the green plastic bags like the one pictured below. Thanks for your input.
  6. n_irwin

    DIY Pipe Rack

    I’m making plans to build a pipe rack for myself. If it’s not too much trouble, post a picture of yours here for inspiration. Thanks in advance.
  7. n_irwin

    Interesting Marking on Two Peterson Estates

    I recently picked up a couple Peterson estates on eBay. Both pipes have a marking on the bottom that l’m unfamiliar with, as it doesn’t seem typical of the manufacturer. It’s a GH or an HG. I’ll include a picture for reference. Is it the initials of a previous owner? Or maybe the logo of a...
  8. n_irwin

    Hello from North Africa

    I’m glad to say hello from Tunis, where my family and I have called home for the last five years. I’ve been smoking pipes for the better part of the last 15 years—a hobby that has granted me hours of much needed relaxation and contemplation. I mostly smoke estates and the occasional gift from...