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  1. gubbyduffer

    Silly Jokes

    There are two types of people in this world. 1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
  2. gubbyduffer

    Silly Jokes

    My wife says I have two faults. The first is that I never listen, and the second is something else.
  3. gubbyduffer

    Silly Jokes

    The people of Qatar don't like the Flintstones, but the people from Abu Dhabi do.
  4. gubbyduffer

    P I P E A R T

    I haven't done, but might do in the future. I have done some art of someone enjoying a cigar though.
  5. gubbyduffer

    Pipe Smoking Thought For the Day

    Astronaut Michael Collins, is the only person in the history of the planet not in this photograph.
  6. gubbyduffer

    Semi-Truck Carrying Sex Toys Spills Out Onto Oklahoma Highway

    I can imagine the headlines, "Man with a semi spills his load on the highway!" I understand it's past peak season for Oklahoma, but would be interesting if a tornado came through to clean it up.
  7. gubbyduffer

    Top 5 Opening Tracks From a Classic Rock Album

    Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve Breaking Into Heaven-The Stone Roses Break On Through (To the Other Side)-The Doors Baba O Reilly-The Who Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin
  8. gubbyduffer

    Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

    Its a great ship to visit if you are ever in Scotland. You feel a sense of history and can imagine the conversations that occurred in the officers mess whilst the ship is struggling through Antarctic pack ice.
  9. gubbyduffer

    Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

    I took one of my daughters back to the city of my birth Dundee last year and did a tour of the ship Discovery. Great history and a successful expedition for both Shackleton and Scott before subsequent fateful Antarctic expeditions.
  10. gubbyduffer

    Is Meat Eating Going the Way of Tobacco Smoking?

    Banning meat has never been seriously suggested by any politician to my knowledge, and no country is planning to ban meat. It will not happen. I like to eat meat and will not be stopping any time soon. Its not my area of expertise but I can imagine that it is extremely bad for the environment...
  11. gubbyduffer

    Is Meat Eating Going the Way of Tobacco Smoking?

    The banning of eating meat is not what is happening though.
  12. gubbyduffer

    What are You Watching? Please Rate 1-5 out of 5

    Lord of The Rings, The Rindjred's of blah....... 1/5. Visually stunning, but not a single character to get invested in. Poor writing and acting. Staid performances infront of green screen is depressing. So much money wastefully thrown at a TV show such as this, and the abomination Star Wars has...
  13. gubbyduffer

    Artemis Project: Why?

    Minor point of notice and not all that important. Although I am not in full agreement with Simong, it appears from his profile he is based in the UK, so has used the correct spelling of 'favour'.
  14. gubbyduffer

    New piper!!!

    Hello from not too far away in the Borders. FIL is from Saltburn-by-the-Sea and MIL is from Hebburn.
  15. gubbyduffer

    Where Is Our Ettrick puffer?

    There seems to be a lot of concern for Ettrick Puffer out there. I particularly remember getting a warm welcome here from him when I joined over a year ago. He commented on my post as I also live in the Scottish Borders, and discovered I am only 25 miles from him. I know the small town he said...
  16. gubbyduffer

    Great Authors Who Smoked a Pipe

    Scottish playwright and politicist Hugh MacDairmid
  17. gubbyduffer

    Legal Moonshine.. Any Good?

    I am a scotch single malt lover who dabbles into bourbon, rum, brandy and particularly rye. I am looking for tasty and interesting alternatives with an eye on saving a few pounds. I see various 'moonshines' sold in mason jars on line and am wondering if they are any good? The avb/proofs are...
  18. gubbyduffer

    What are You Listening To? ~August 2022

    Currently watching Korn after watching the Netflix documentary about Woodstock 99. Very scary stuff.
  19. gubbyduffer

    Would-you-rather: On Pipes and Dreams

    Three hand made pipes here. I received a commission a couple of months ago. This pipe exists nowhere else and was made the way I wanted. Price wise it was comparable to a decent off the shelf Savinelli or Chacom. The pipe maker has a regular youtube live chat, which helps build some report and a...