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  1. blackpowderpiper

    Jim's C&D Carolina Red Flake 2022 Review.

    Nice review. This sounds like it's right in my wheel house. I'll try to grab a few tins.
  2. blackpowderpiper

    Columbus Pipe Show Tomorrow and Saturday

    That's a lot of good tobacco there Mark. I feel like I've got a pretty decent amount of tobacco in the cellar but nothing compared to what you have. I hope you have a fun weekend.
  3. blackpowderpiper

    My first tobacco pipe experience

    Welcome aboard. There's a lot of knowledge here and I think we can help you. There is a definite learning curve to smoking a pipe. While it may seem simple, and it really is, it takes some time and patience to get to the point where filling, lighting and smoking a pipe is second nature. I would...
  4. blackpowderpiper

    Do Differences in Meershaum Pipes Quality Exist ad/or Matter?

    This is what I did. I contacted Burak, told him what I wanted and he made it happen. I will add that Burak was first class all the way in providing service to me. He is a nice guy who cares about his customers.
  5. blackpowderpiper

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2022?***

    Some Hal O the Wynd in a Savinelli 673 with the morning coffee. This stuff has been sitting in the jar for 5-6 years. Delicious.
  6. blackpowderpiper

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2022?***

    Some 2018 Heinrich Curly Block in a Boswell Shotshell.
  7. blackpowderpiper

    Jim's C&D Sun Bear Mountain Flower Review.

    For me at least, the Virginias and Orientals are the main players. It's kind of like a sparring match between the two, one puff the Virginias are more apparent, the next puff, the Orientals, but I taste them both in every puff. In the background, the honey along with the elderflower weave in and...
  8. blackpowderpiper

    Do Differences in Meershaum Pipes Quality Exist ad/or Matter?

    I purchased an IMP not long ago and have been very pleased with it. I too, knew very little about meerschaum pipes and their makers. This purchase soon led to the purchase of another. I am quite enjoying my meerschaums. Good luck in your quest.
  9. blackpowderpiper

    Help me see what I am missing

    As individuals, we all see and feel and perceive things differently. While I have several very beautiful smooth finished pipes in my collection, by and large I tend to gravitate toward the rusticated finishes. I love the way they look, and especially, how they feel in my hand. And while I'm not...
  10. blackpowderpiper

    Making a zippo even better

    I use a Zippo daily, just the plain brass version. I like the patina that brass takes on after time and use. Nothing fancy but it's visually appealing to my eye. Also, something about the simplicity and efficiency of a design that has been around for decades also appeals to me. I typically need...
  11. blackpowderpiper

    Buying tobacco

    My two cents: I don't like it and wish it were not so. But....people have been doing this since the beginning of time. It has always been thus, and thus it will always be. As Sable mentioned, if there is a wound inflicted, it is a self inflicted one. If I know a certain product is going to be...
  12. blackpowderpiper

    ***What Are You Smoking, August 2022?***

    Briar Fox in a Boswell Shotshell.
  13. blackpowderpiper

    Show Us Your American Made Pipes

    Recent acquisition from Boswell's Pipes. I've been wanting a shotshell pipe for awhile. About to set forth on the maiden voyage.
  14. blackpowderpiper

    David McCullough Passed Away at Age 89.

    My daughter, aged 12, has not been taught anything regarding WW2, as of yet. I remedied that and began teaching her myself. To my surprise, she found it fascinating and is eager to learn more. I do not believe that we can depend on our educational system to properly teach American history.
  15. blackpowderpiper

    David McCullough Passed Away at Age 89.

    Sadly, I fear that the horse is already out of the barn and isn't coming back.
  16. blackpowderpiper

    Rejoining the Pipe Fraternity

    Welcome from Middle Tennessee.
  17. blackpowderpiper

    Sun Bear - Mountain Flower, Aug 2

    I received my shipment of Sun Bear Mountain Flower today and went ahead and popped a tin and had a bowl. This is a very interesting tobacco with a lot going on. The moisture level was just about perfect. Mechanically, the tobacco burned very well and required very little attention. My initial...
  18. blackpowderpiper

    Cellaring C&D Small Batch Carolina Red Flake With Perique Sep' 2021.

    I smoked a tin when I first got it last year and just recently finished up another. I have no idea when I'll get around to popping another tin as I have quite a bit of aged tobacco in my cellar that I need to start smoking. Both tins that I smoked have been very tasty and satisfactory in my...
  19. blackpowderpiper

    Who has Smoked Cornell and Diehl Anthology 1992-2022?

    After reading Cosmic's comments about the barnyard smell, I took a good sniff in my jar of Bayou Morning as I was loading my pipe this morning. I could maybe, slightly sense a smell of barnyard manure in it. I attribute that to the wonderful, funky smell of the Perique. May smell weird but...
  20. blackpowderpiper

    Change from Peterson Old Dublin

    It is difficult to make a recommendation as taste is subjective and what one person likes and enjoys, another may not. If you feel you like the flavor profile of English blends, it may be wise to obtain a few different samples of various English style tobaccos and see if any of those appeal to...